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Newsletter 1/27/2016

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Church Life Events / Calendar

Celebration for Debbie Osburn                                                                                

 Sun., Feb. 7 after WorshipDebbieO

Following service on Sunday February 7 we will have a luncheon to celebrate the countless gifts Debbie Osburn has given the TRCC family over the last 14 years. Please watch for an all church email that will provide a link to sign up for what you can bring to the luncheon. Words can never express how much we appreciate the never ending hard work Debbie has done for TRCC. She will be  dearly missed. Please continue to pray for Debbie and her family.

Troy to TRCC:

In July of 2001 our congregation welcomed Debbie Osburn to become our administrative assistant. She was hired nearly simultaneously with Rev. Josh Baird.  She has been an integral part of the life of this church for over 14 years.

Since she began she has been key in numerous developments in our life. She has played supportive roles in significant milestones of our congregation:

  • The addition of the modular in 2003;
  •  The addition of a steeple, carillon, and new onsite food pantry in 2004;
  • Saying farewell to Rev. Baird in 2006;
  • Welcoming Rev. Debbie Saxe and the retirement of Rev. George Reese in 2007;
  • Welcoming Rev. Larry Pigg and Deanna Reid in 2007;
  •  Welcoming Rev. Troy Sybrant in 2009;
  •  Saying farewell to Rev. Saxe and Deanna Reid, welcoming Jodi Adams in 2010.
  • Saying farewell to Jodi in 2013, welcoming Annmarie Lyons and Rev. Dr. Olivia Bryan Updegrove in 2014.
  •  Welcoming Susan Hartman and saying farewell to Olivia in 2015.

While many faces have come and gone, Debbie’s has been constant throughout. She has been the administrative glue and organizational memory for countless ministries over the years. Her gifts and talents have been shared consistently, professionally, and generously to help us accomplish much more than otherwise could have been done. With a servant’s heart, a keen mind, an eager spirit, and unflagging strength she has served our church invaluably. We will miss her greatly.

Pastor at Panera Breadtroy

Thurs., Feb. 4, noon

On the first Thursday of the month Pastor Troy is available to answer any questions, concerns or prayer request you may have. Drop on by and pull up a chair!

Wed Night Activities

Children & Adult Ed & Music

  • 6:15 Gathering songs and HolyMoly DVD  (for all ages)
  • 6:30 – Hand Bell Choir
  • 6:35- Study groups for pre-school-K, 1st-3rd, 4th-6th Grade, and adults.  Adults will learn about the Bible character presented in the HolyMoly video in “Not Your Child’s Bible Study.”
  •  7:00 -Ablaze choir   (Bible study activities continue for adults and children who are not participating in Ablaze.)
  • 7:30 – Adult choir

New Keyboard!

Sounds from our new Yamaha clavinova digital piano enriched our worship this past Sunday! Your generosity & the media team’s expertise & efforts made this possible. Special thanks to Bob Phillips.

“Marks of Disciples” Study

Copies of the study material are available for individual or group study.  It will be printed in 2 sections.  Copies will be available on Sunday, January 31st.

The Wednesday morning group will be starting  soon; contact Ruth Phillips for details.

Ongoing Helping Hands Needs:

Did You Know? TRCC Food Pantry Needs Your Help!

 A portion of our Christmas Eve offering was set aside to help provide food boxes for hungry residents in our community. That amount divided over 12 months only permits us to provide 4 boxes per month, despite looking for bargains on these items at the stores.

2 to 3 families have been supporting the pantry to make boxes available when canned goods on the shelves are not there.  Since September, we have given out 45 boxes. Due to the increase from 4 boxes a month to 8 or more, it has been decided to only support the Mason and immediate West Chester area.

With these boxes we have supported those on Social Security who are taking cancer treatments. The extra medical costs resulted in insufficient funds for food. This is just one story among many others in our community.

The Grow/Outreach teams with Michelle M., Alice W., and Pastor Troy are assessing what next steps are needed to continue providing food assistance to needy neighbors. Please forward your suggestions to them and continue in prayer for the homeless, hurting, and hungry in our community and larger world.

Leadership Reports:

Disciple Identity Session Report

On Jan. 17 and 24 after worship the Disciples Identity Committee convened a listening session to engage questions about the proposed names: 1) Rising Community Christian; 2) Rising Community Christian Church; 3) Compass Christian Church. Both sessions were well-attended with upwards of 25 at each. Four or five folks expressed preference for Rising Community over Compass but the overall weight of the discussion seemed to confirm Compass as the consensus pick. The Identity Committee proposal to adopt this name will be brought forth for a vote as an agenda item a the Congregational meeting on January 31st.


 Local — For Faith Alliance’s continued growth in ministering to the needs of our neighbors in crises.

Regional — For Americans to seriously evaluate candidates for public office and pray for national deliverance and security.

Global — For all creation to embrace our common origin in the Almighty’s love, compassion, and forgiveness extended to us.

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