Compass Christian Church Newsletter February 26, 2016

Newsletter & Bulletin Changes

Because we’re searching for our next administrative assistant, we’ve reformatted our bulletin to more efficiently use staff time. If you’ve not had a chance to see it yet drop by any Sunday morning to pick up your copy.

In that same spirit, we’ve decided to change the frequency of our newsletter from twice a month to once a month.

Both these changes will be evaluated once we’ve hired our next administrative assistant.

Also for purposes of this online newsletter the poll taken last newsletter was overwhelmingly to combine all sections into one wordpress document.


Calendar of Events:


Wednesday Activities (ongoing)Wed

“Wednesday Nights” is as follows:

  • 6:15 Gathering songs and HolyMoly dvd (for all ages)
  • 6:30 – Hand Bell Choir
  • 6:35- Study groups for pre-school-K, 1st-3rd, 4th-6th Grade, and adults.  Learn about the Bible character presented in the HolyMoly video.
  •  7:00 -Ablaze choir   (Bible study activities continue for adults and children who are not participating in Ablaze.)
  • 7:30 – Adult choir

“12 Marks of Disciples” Sermon Series 


 As we move into Lent, we’re inviting you to join in  our sermon series:

  • Feb 28–Luke 24:13-35–“A Loaf, A Jug, & Thou”; Week of Compassion Offering
  • Mar 6-Joshua 24:1-7, 13-29 “A Pledged Allegiance”; Church Birthday Celebrations and CCO Concert
  • Mar 13–2 Corinthians 5:16-21 “Mission in Action”

Holy Week



  • March 20  Palm Sunday: Matthew 21:1-11  Faith without Fanfare
  • March 24 7:00 p.m. Maundy Thursday Service
  • March 25  9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Labyrinth
  • March 26  9:00 a.m. to Noon  Labyrinth
  • March 27  Easter: John 20:1-18  Between a Rock & a Hallelujah Place Fellowship brunch 9:00 am @ Mueller  Worship service 10:30 am

 Linger Longer Luncheon @ Lucky Dog Grill February 28


Join us after service on February 28 at the Lucky Dog Grill in Mason.  It’s a wonderful way to get to know people. All are welcome!!! Just 3 miles from the church.  See directions :


Week of Compassion  February  28th Offering

Special Days in the life of the church often allow us to focus our worship, celebrations and wocfellowship around moments that are central to our faith.  Disciples Mission Fund Special Day Offerings also provide an opportunity to highlight specific ministries as part of our faith celebrations.

In Ruth we read of the encounter between two refugees, Naomi and Ruth. Naomi is a refugee in Moab due to famine in Judah, and Ruth is a refugee due to patriarchal systems that rendered single women utterly vulnerable. Both Naomi and Ruth took refuge in Naomi’s land, and they survived such tumultuous transitions because each one gave the greatest gift: their very selves.

By participating in the Week of Compassion offering, we follow God’s command to love. Through this ministry we stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable. Through our giving, we as a Church accompany refugees as they seek to rebuild their lives.

Yet this time of offering—of giving a portion of our financial resources—is only the beginning of our call to give. Jesus declared, “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (John 15:13). In addition to your financial gift, consider other ways you can walk alongside refugees, and how you can remain open to ways others might minister to you. Let us give joyously and generously at this time.


 Feed Our Neighbors in Need Food Drive Feb. 28-Mar. 6

feedourneighborsThis marks our 4th annual food drive in partnership with 20+ other congregations in the Faith Alliance. The Faith Alliance helps us pool our resources to achieve greater positive impacts upon this community that we share.

Over the past 3 years we’ve collaborated with the Faith Alliance and helped them collect 72,000 pounds of canned goods and other items to feed neighbors in our community. In 2013 our congregation collected 472 pounds, in 2014 we collected 600, and in 2015 we reached 800 pounds! Those items helped stock our onsite food pantry, and any overflow was shared with local pantries. We’ll be distributing grocery bags with a shopping list this Sunday, February 28. We’re asking everyone to bring their gifts so that by Sunday, March 6 we might bless those gifts and weigh them for this year’s food drive. Because of increasing hunger and poverty in the suburbs, there’s a growing need for us to continue rising to the challenge as we’ve demonstrated in the past. Can we reach 1000 pounds this year? Let’s do our best and find out!


March 6th Save the Date: (two events)

  1. 26th Birthday for the church plan to join us for festivities.


On March 4, 1990, our congregation gathered at the Western Row Elementary School in Mason for the first formal worship. Nearly half were from “The Phone’s for You” program invitation and the rest were friends who came to help celebrate our new birth. This was our beginning!

 BillEdwardsOn March 6 we’ll welcome our Regional Pastor & President, Rev. Dr. Bill Edwards, to be part of our Sunday service to help formalize within worship that our provisional name, of which the Region was a part 26 years ago, has now been superseded by our permanent name “Compass Christian Church” with the tagline, “A Disciples of Christ Community.” After worship we’ll share birthday cake, punch and celebrate God’s guidance and provision from our birth to our young adulthood as a  congregation.

2. 3:00 p.m. Cincinnati Civic Orchestra Winter Concert Valentine’s Day & St. cco1Patrick’s Day

  • Irish Symphony by Sir Arthur Sullivan
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • by Peter Illich Tchaikovsky
  • Brigadoon

Out of Our Hat  Update & Mar. 6 Invite

cookiesMad Hatters has expanded our ministry and we are brimming with excitement!   We have accomplished our goal of hats this year and continue to patiently wait for a time when we can pass them out.   We are offering the opportunity to try out different “hats” – different types of crafts!

A sizable number of decorators and artists applied their skills to cookies on Feb. 21 after worship. Debi Freimuth led this workshop and shared her techniques with others, and those skills now multiplied are planning on being used for a future church event.

Our next opportunity that will be after church on March 6th.  We are planning a knitting/crocheting time to learn new skills and make a quick and easy project while practicing those new skills.  Many of our Mad Hatter friends have decided they are ready for life beyond hats!  Watch for details to come as we are still pulling this out of our hat!

Debi Freimuth and Carol Yarborough

Seeker’s Lunch Sun., Mar. 13, noonSeekers

 Maybe you’re wondering more about this congregation, our history, and the Disciples of Christ. Perhaps you’d like to meet others with similar questions over pizza. Whether you’ve recently joined or have just started attending, this gathering is for you! We’ll share an informational DVD, get to know each other better, and leave plenty of time for Q & A. Please call the office to let us know of your interest…look forward to seeing you then! For more info contact Alice W.

Adult Mission Trip Mar. 27-Apr. 3 Louisville, KY

Helping Hands and Community Outreach Program

 Our congregation has a lengthy history of helping those in need all across this nation in amtcountless ways. Your next opportunity will be to partner with Disciples Home Missions & Plymouth UCC to help UrbanSpirit renovate their space to be ready for their summer poverty education programs. Showers will be built, new walls added, painting and repairs. Cost is $50 per person, not including food. For more info contact Leroy O. at or go to:…/special-projects/.

FAITH ALLIANCE – Stepping Forward Tues. March 29 starting @ 5 p.m.

Helping Hands and Community Outreach Program

Twelve volunteers are needed and each of us are to bring three dozen cookies or brownies sfor salads.

We will meet at the Faith Community United Methodist Church on Cox Road in W.C. at 5 PM. Please use the rear, kitchen entrance.

To sign up, contact Ed V. Let us use the blessings we have received by paying them forward to deserving members of our community during this Lenten season. To God be the glory.

Save the Date! Saturday, May 7, 10 a.m.— 2 p.m.

All Creatures Great & Small Pet Blessing & Adoption

Helping Hands and Community Outreach Program


Check out the Compass Christian Church Facebook page (formerly the Tylersville Rd. Christian Church Facebook page) and forward the event link to all your Facebook friends! Twitter, Pictochat, Instagram away!

Youth Corner:


Wednesday Night Education and Ablaze Choir

“Wednesday Nights Event times for youth is as follows:hands

  • 6:15 Gathering songs and HolyMoly DVD (for all ages)
  • 6:35- Study groups for Preschool-K, 1st-3rd, 4th-6th Grade, and adults.  Learn about the Bible character presented in the HolyMoly video.
  •  7:00 -Ablaze choir   (Bible study activities continue for adults and children who are not participating in Ablaze.)

Christian Youth Fellowship Relaunched Feb. 7!

High School Ages

CYF launched Sunday the 7th and packed love boxes to send off to our college students.  cyfWe unveiled the National Youth Event, July 26-30 at Walt Disney World with the theme Believe!!!  However, some of the youth were planning to go to Camp Christian this week and couldn’t stand to miss, so we are exploring other options.   Please pray for God’s will for these youth and the mission trip this summer.  We will need to fund raise either way.  Meantime we will be meeting  every week after worship for learning, fellowship, service and fun. On 5th Sundays, we will plan to go out to eat together.

February 28  9:00 a.m. Pastor’s Class

Pastors Class

Vacation Bible Schoolvbs

 Tuesday, July 12 – Friday July 15 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Save the date for an over-the-top underground adventure!  We’ll be spelunking our way to discovering the rock-solid foundation of Jesus’ love.  VBS is for kids 3 years old through going into 5th grade.  Older kids are encouraged to sign up to be helpers.  See Katie B. to find out how YOU can help!

Children’s Worship & Wonder

The children will move from Children’s Time to a classroom where they can do work throughout the sermon. They can join back to their families (if they are finished working, or anytime).

What is Worship & Wonder: (click here)

Thanks to Dave Diehl for putting our pictures online for purchasing! See link:

We welcome your feedback and resource information as we gather and curate the variety of resources that are a part of our ministries. Our goal is to best serve you and your congregations with the tools to help encounter faith at all ages and stages. Go to end to see the full newsletter attachment from the Family & Children’s Ministry.


Members Corner:



Adult Education Opportunities:

Adult Ed Class Sundays, 9:30 a.m.romans

The Adult Ed class will be finishing our study of the Gospel of Mathew in the next few weeks.  We will then start a study of Romans entitled “A Letter for Today.”  Join us Sunday mornings for study and lively discussion.  The cost of the Kerygma Program study guides is $20.  There will be a sign up sheet at the table in the back. For more info contact Steve Si. at

“Marks of Disciples” Study Wed. mornings starting Feb 10th

Copies of the study material will be available for those who wish to follow along in their own Bible Study.  Wednesday morning group started Feb.10. Call Ruth P. for time and which lesson to study.



Local — For supporting local agencies to find an end to heroin & other addictions.

Regional — For this election year to be a time when Americans return God to being first in our country.

Global — For all oppressed to find relief & for world leaders to promote peace, not war.

Leaders Messages:



You will know them by their fruits.          Matthew 7:16

In February we began a two-part sermon series called “Marks of Disciples” exploring not only Scripture and our denomination’s distinctiveness but how that relates to our current world. These “marks” or “fruits” are how we’re known.  Here’s our denominational Statement of Identity: We are Disciples of Christ, a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God has welcomed us.

This Statement is undergirded by twelve distinct principles:

  1. We confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and proclaim him Lord and Savior of the world, requiring nothing more – and nothing less – as a basis of our life together.
  2. We hold the centrality of scripture, recognizing that each person has the freedom – and the responsibility – to study God’s Word within the community of the church.
  3. We practice the baptism of believers, which emphasizes that God’s grace demands a response of faith and discipleship, while also recognizing the baptism performed in other churches.
  4. We gather for the Lord’s Supper, as often as possible, experiencing at this table the gracious, forgiving presence of Jesus Christ.
  5. We structure our community around the biblical idea of covenant, emphasizing not obedience to human authority but accountability to one another because of our shared obedience to Christ.
  6. We participate in God’s mission for the world, working with partners to heal the brokenness of creation and bring justice and peace to the whole human family.
  7. We hear a special calling to make visible the unity of all Christians, proclaiming that in our diversity we belong to one another because we commonly belong to Christ.
  8. We witness to the Gospel of God’s saving love for the world in Jesus Christ, while continuing to struggle with how God’s love may be known to others in different ways.
  9. We affirm the priesthood of all believers, rejoicing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit – which include the gift of leadership – that God has given for the common good.
  10. We celebrate the diversity of our common life, affirming our different histories, styles of worship, and forms of service.
  11. We give thanks that each congregation, where Christ is present through faith, is truly the church, affirming as well that God’s church and God’s mission stretch from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth.

We anticipate God’s coming reign, seeking to serve the God – Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer – whose loving dominion has no end.

Help Our Denomination’s Search for the next General Minister & President!

 Our current General Minister & President, Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, is completing her second 6-year term and will be finished in July, 2017.

The search process for our next General Minister and President is underway and the Search Committee is seeking your input in this process. Below you will find a link to a short survey (offered in French, Spanish, Korean and English) on the work of the General Minister and President.  We hope to hear from you — What qualities do you think we need in a General Minister and President? How important are the current roles to you? Is there a role not mentioned that you feel should be included?

With your help, our goal is to further define the gifts needed to lead our denomination.  Please take 2-3 minutes to complete and submit your answers by February 29; all answers will be kept in the strictest confidentiality.

From our General Minister & President, Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins: The weed of racism still grows

Last spring I walked across the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma with other Disciples – a FS_DA_faithfigures-watkinsracially mixed group crossing together. A lot has changed since 1965. Through the brave struggle of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s, led by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others, the segregated lunch counters and drinking fountains and restrooms went away. Voting rights legislation was put into place. A lot has been accomplished – but… have you ever had a weed grow in your yard, and you cut it off and everything looked great? For a while. But you didn’t get the roots… and – It. Grew. Back.

A little black boy, adopted by white parents, shops with his mom but a little ways away from her. A clerk follows him suspiciously until the boy calls out to his mother, “How do you like this shirt, MOM?” And the clerk relaxes as the mom’s whiteness covers the little boy – for now. And the deepest part of the racism here is that it requires the validation by that white mom to assure other white people of what all people of color already know – 50 years after Selma and the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, racism is real. And the reality of racism goes much deeper than the misguided prejudice of this clerk or that disbelieving white person.

Racism is more than just individual race prejudice. Statistics show us that racism is system-wide – in our institutions as well as people. We see it in the mass incarceration of people of color; the justice department report on Ferguson’s police targeting African Americans in a fund-raising scheme. We see it in the lagging social indicators for people of color in income, net worth, education, jobs, in the strategies that make it harder for people of color to vote or in gerrymandering that leads to under-representation in government. Racism is real in 2016. In these years since 1960, we’ve also had signs of hope – an African American president elected!! The whole country rejoiced. But in spite of that election or maybe in part because of it – and the resulting backlash – we see that in 2016, the job is not done. Racism is still real.

We see it, in part, because of the ever-present availability of video recordings to put things out in the open that once were secret. We see that racism is real, in part because a generation of young people are speaking up who didn’t live the “before and after” of the 60’s. These young people see the now and are pointing out that the weed has not only poked its head above ground, it has taken quite a growth spurt. These young people are determined to do something about it… They’re not likely to stop until they know for sure that Black Lives do Matter – as do all others.

Racism is real. It’s important also to say: racism is sin. And not just individual sin; racism has rightly been called America’s original sin – created to justify the brutal enslavement of human beings but persisting beyond the formal end of slavery and Jim Crow. Racism goes beyond what I do or you do. It is something we are born into in the United States reality. And for those of us who are white, it benefits us whether we know it or not, whether we intend it or not. Our Disciples general assembly passed a resolution last summer against “environmental racism.” The poisonous by-products of our prosperous economy have to go somewhere and most often they are deposited near to people of color.

I did not personally put that environmental poison in my across-the-town neighbor’s back yard. I don’t want to be held morally accountable for something I didn’t sit at the table to plan – but that’s the point of original sin. It’s not about what white individuals do to our black or brown neighbor. It’s a pattern we’re born into where people of color are treated differently than white people. It’s a system that white people benefit from even though we did not ask for it. We just get the benefit, and it keeps our neighbor down. We drink clean water and our neighbors in Flint, Michigan drink lead.

Racism is real; racism is sin; and racism is really, really tough. If we’re going to get beyond it, none of us gets to sit on the sidelines. It’s in everybody’s self-interest to get involved. Because – the truth is – racism hurts all. Even those who benefit. A full cost-benefit analysis shows that racism causes white people to lose, too. When we think of all the scientific and medical contributions of black and brown people to our well-being today – we can only wonder what those who were tortured in slavery or who are currently wasting away in prison might have contributed to the greater good. When we think of the energy that goes to holding down a whole class of people (unnecessary, unjust laws; militarized police forces; more and more prisons) – energy that could instead go to building up our common life together on this planet – the loss to us all through the sin of racism is huge. Racism is tough to overcome, though. It will take us all, working together, each doing our own part. Because racism is real, let’s admit it and have the conversation. Because racism is sin, let’s those of us who benefit repent. Because racism is tough, let’s join the struggle together. Genesis describes that from the very beginning of creation, God created the whole human family to be one – beautifully diverse, multiply talented, but one human family. In Isaiah, we see the world described as God dreams it:  A world of “shalom” – where the wolf lies down with the lamb, where children play in safety, where God wipes away all tears. Shalom, envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as the beloved community, a community where there is liberty and justice for all, where the harmonies of liberty unite us. Building that community is our calling, with the help of God. We’ve got a lot of work to do to root out racism. Let’s get at it – together.