“The Intention of Less” – a series of free worshops

lessismoreWhat is the Intention of Less? For us it is a way to UN-clutter our lives.

First we discussed that we have to be members of the C.I.A. club;

  • Clarity – studying to see the situation clearly, being honest with myself and others


  • Intention – Being aware of what I want, doing, and feeling- what makes me happy or stressed? How am I affecting others


  • Action – focus on my goals, steps to get there, I might fail, that’s OK

Then as our first exercise we talked about what we wanted or wanted to do differently.

We started a little Facebook chat group to be each others support.  It takes a village – we can’t do this alone.

Feel free to use these worksheets:

Here are somethings we have learned so far as we discussed things:

It’s easy to get off track. So take baby steps, one small little task. It might not lessmoreeven be the big thing that needs to be tackled, we are all practicing.


We might have to ask for help. Ouch, that’s a big one to admit we might not be able to do this task. Remember we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Someone else in our family might just do the job better. Delegate!


You can have it all, but not at the same time.

So the Second Meeting left us with the motto or manta of “Small is the new Big.” Start with one little thing and finish it this week or next two weeks.

Next workshop March 2nd, 7 pm at Compass Christian Church.