The Disciples Voice Newsletter – Feb. 2018


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A Warm Welcome for 

Lynn & David Lewis ~ New Members


Thank you, everyone, for making us feel so very welcome at Compass Christian Church in all of 2017. David and I (Lynn) have something about new beginnings and patriotism. We met New Year’s Eve 2007 and married Flag Day 2014 in our backyard dressed in colonial style (red, white & blue theme). We decided to find a church suitable for both of us the first Sunday of January 2017 and decided to become members December 31, 2017.

I was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod in a teeny town in Minnesota and remained devoted to Christ by filling various roles in the churches in which I had been a member (First English Lutheran in Dorset, Trinity Lutheran in Bemidji, MN, St. Paul Lutheran in  Madisonville, OH, and King of Kings Lutheran in  Mason, OH. I had been an officer of the church (financial secretary), adult choir director, vocalist, Sunday School superintendent and teacher, Vacation Bible School director, church orchestra director,  flutist, and bell choir member.

David was baptized as an infant in a   Presbyterian Church and attended various churches in his life. On New Year’s Eve in early 2000’s, he decided to recommit himself to the Christian faith and was baptized as an adult at the Vineyard Cincinnati Church.

David has 3 children: David (DJ), Kyle (spouse Kahlie, plus child due early April) and Jessica. Lynn has 2 daughters: Caitlyn (spouse Ted, son Ashton, and daughter Reagan) and Trista (spouse Ryan, daughter Lily).

David and I have been truly blessed with all our lives and have made many friends at CCC this past year. We thank you all for your openness and acceptance while sharing your faith with us as we continue our faith journey in Christ. Thank you, everyone! 

Going back to New Year’s Eve Day, when David and I joined CCC…after we left the church we found out that my 4-month-old granddaughter, Lily Kay, was extremely ill with RSV, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia; an echo-cardiogram determined she also had a severe heart issue. Ambulance to Fargo, ND, and Air-Medevaced to Mayo Clinic Hospital in  Rochester, MN. She has cardiomyopathy and since the doctors were unable to get the heart medications to work for Lily, they placed her on the National Heart Transplant List. It is because of our strong faith in Christ and all the prayers and support from everyone, we are able to understand (remember) that everything is in God’s plan and His will be done.


If you would like to see more about Lily please visit her GoFundMe page by clicking HERE   

If you would like to purchase the following t-shirts please see Lynn: 

From Carol Yarborough K9 for Veterans :

We want to thank everyone for their generosity and for sharing this campaign. Randell’s training with Charlie has been moved up so he will be heading to Chicago to meet Charlie very soon. Watch for pictures and updates to see how Randell and Charlie begin their life together! We are very thankful for K9s for Veterans for providing this opportunity!

Any funds beyond what Randell needs for his training will be donated to K9s forVeterans so another Veteran can have an opportunity to receive a Service Dog that has been rescued from a shelter!

We haven’t yet reached our goal ; If you want to donate to this campaign go to Randell’s GoFundMe page posted by Carol, click HERE

For more about the Service Dog program, go to





Please continue to support our current program to Eliminate Poverty in our Community. We are part of Faith Alliance a group of churches who have come together to participate in the following programs:

Feed Our Neighbor Program running until March 4th

Imagine what would happen if all the churches of West Chester and Liberty Township work together on a single day to make a real and lasting difference for those in need. 

It’s happening!

Donate Food:

Pick up a bag at a partner church (or supply your own).  Fill it when you do your weekly shopping and bring it with you to church on Saturday-Sunday, March 3-4.

Suggested Items: boxed cereal, pasta, rice, beans, meal helpers, canned vegetables, fruits, soups, canned meats, 100% juices, baby food, formula, diapers, and condiments. Donations of new personal care and cleaning items are also accepted.

Don’t forget to check the dates!  Only unexpired, unopened items can be used. 

Video presented by Faith Alliance:

Our Personal Goal at CCC Compass Christian Church :





Bring in one, or a few of any of these items.  All donations are welcome and appreciated!

Did You Know?

The Cincinnati Civic Orchestra is one of the oldest all-volunteer orchestras in the country, presenting classical and pops concerts at various locations in the region.

CLICK HERE to view the full brochure

Youth Events: 


Pastor’s Class

On Sunday, January 14, we recognized & blessed our 2018 Pastor’s Class students, Katie H. and Matthew L. Their sponsoring elders are Laura D. and  Steve Se.,  respectively.  Please keep Matthew, Katie & other 5th-8th graders in prayers as they prepare for the Lexington Pastor’s Class trip, April 27-29.


Ablaze Choir

On Easter Sunday, the Ablaze Choir will sing “Jesus Saves” and on Youth  Sunday, they will sing “Chainbreaker” by Zach Williams (recommended by Luke B.).  Lots of opportunities for solos!


YOUTH SUNDAY, APRIL 22 ~ Details to follow!


Vacation Bible School;


We’ll be venturing into an uncharted island where kids will be anchored in the truth that Jesus carries them through all life’s storms.  Come sail away with us and join the fun!  See Katie B. if you are able to help.


Save the date for our 2018 VBS!

June 26-29, 9:00 – 11:30 a.m.







Summer Camps: 

Camper Letters

During worship on Feb. 11, 2018,  Beth T., Camryn & Lora B. received the promises they wrote in letters to God last summer. Such promises are returned to campers as part of their faith formation at Camp Christian.


A Prayer For Lora and Camryn B. and Beth T. 

God of deepening faith, we rejoice that these youth in the beauty of your creation have grown closer to you, their Creator, and to fellow campers.  We give thanks that their time away was a time set apart, and ask that like your son Jesus when he was a child continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge, in divine & human favor, to the praise & glory of your name. Amen.

Camp Christian Schedule: 

Camp Christian Onsite Contact Information

Phone: (937) 348-2811
Fax: (937) 348-2845
Mailing Address: 
10335 Maple Dell Rd
Marysville, OH 43040

If you have an emergency, call camp directly at 937-348-2811.



Let justice roll down like waters, and

righteousness like a mighty stream.

                    ~Amos 5:24

This column in last month’s issue excerpted Rev. Dr. Martin  Luther King’s sermon “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence” where he spoke of the need for a “true revolution of values” to conquer the “giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism, and poverty.” These injustices continue to deform American and global life.


Dr. King’s prophetic mantle has been taken up by Rev. Dr. William Barber II, an NC Disciples of Christ pastor. He started the “Moral Mondays” movement in 2013 to address injustices occurring at the NC Statehouse in Raleigh. Dr. Barber and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, a Presbyterian pastor in NY, have just launched the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival to address the “giant triplets” plus ecological devastation. They are working alongside others concerned about these issues across 32 states and the nation’s capital.  Pastor Troy has joined this effort in Ohio and welcomes your involvement.


Today’s Poor People’s Campaign is a continuation of the same campaign Dr. King began 50 years ago. Tragically, many of the issues King focused on are worse today than they were in 1968. 23 states have adopted voter suppression laws since 2010. 60% more Americans are living below the official poverty line. The top 1 percent’s share of national income has nearly doubled while the official poverty rate for all U.S. families has merely inched up and down.       Ecological devastation’s impact is felt closest and hardest by the poor; 4 million American families with children are being exposed to high levels of lead from drinking water and other sources. These distortions of God’s intentions for how we live together aren’t inevitable, but the result of past choices, ones that we in the present can undo for a better future. We can refuse leaden poisonous waters and instead choose waters of life, justice, peace, and healing.



Sister congregation Kemper Road Christian Church is hosting a “Racism is Still Alive and Well” workshop on

February 24 led by Rev. April   Johnson, Executive Minister of Reconciliation from the General Church. This general ministry seeks to address the racism of our society and within our churches while promoting relationship-building, healing, and restoration through reconciliation.  Pastor Troy will be attending and be carpooling from CCC at 8:30 a.m. this Saturday.


A unique opportunity happens April 3-5 in  Washington, D.C. as people gather to memorialize the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination. There is an Interfaith Service of Prayer and Preparation at the Lincoln Memorial and a Rally on the National Mall to “Unite to End Racism.” The Ohio Council of Churches is sponsoring buses that leave Cincinnati at 8:30 p.m. on April 3 and return at 3 a.m. on April 5. The cost is $75/person plus incidentals; you may want to bring a sling chair. Participants will build connections across the lines that typically divide us and work toward building “the beloved community.” Pastor Troy will be going and hopes you can join him.  Register soon as bus seats are limited reservations are first-come, first-serve.



We Are Blessed!

Thank you…

* Thank you for your [gift of $100] to Heifer  International.  Your desire to help others will build hope for future generations.


* Thank you for your donations in 2017 of $250 to FAITH ministries.  Your donations are used each and every week to help as many families as possible from becoming hungry or homeless.  We also help needy students who are without decent clothes.

FAITH continues to be very careful about how we spend our funds.  We have strict policies about how we help the needy in our community.  Our expenses are nearly zero and all our work is done by volunteers.

Your donation combined with funds from other local churches, Warren Co. United Way, Kiwanis Club of        Mason, and the Warren Co. Bar Association make a       difference in our community.


*[Interfaith Hospitality Network] Thank you for responding to the grace of God in such a meaningful and tangible way.  The food was great! And the clean-up effort was special.  A special thanks to Aaron, Carol & Linda.  ~ Blessings, Nelson Kennedy IHN  HPC



On January 30th, volunteers from Compass Christian  Church prepared and served dinner, made and passed out salads, desserts, washed pots, pans, dishes, and cleaned up in the kitchen, serving area, and dining room in order to provide for 137 deserving members of our community.

THANKS” to Marlene P, Pam H, Dave T, Perry M, Sally E, Dave D, Mike H, Jennifer, Caroline, Katie, Ed V.

Next Stepping Forward Dinner is Tuesday, May 29, 2018.

Called to Serve in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Dear CCC,

I must thank you for your prayers – God heard you! As someone you know, I have always dreamed of being a missionary. Over the past few years, I’ve been actively praying and working towards “helping God help me.” However (and luckily) God had His own plan.  I was put in contact with our Global Ministries team for DOC/UCC and had a chat with the personnel executive about my heart to serve abroad. She handed me an application to complete. I turned in my application and had an interview a few short weeks later. (This is where your prayers come in.) I was selected for a 4-year  appointment as a Mission Co-Worker in Port au Prince, Haiti!

My assignment will be the administrator of the President of CONASPEH, to help with the children’s education/church events and to help plan mission team trips.  But what does that mean? That’s a great question; I’m not really sure! So I will ask again for your faithful prayers as I embark on this fresh chapter in my life. I need prayers for strength, faith, and courage. This is big and exciting but a little scary. I will keep you updated on what is happening on my new journey.

Please know that I am beyond grateful for your prayers – the prayers of the righteous are powerful and I cannot go forward with them. I will cling to His promises in this time of exciting uncertainty.

Thank you Compass for your support.

~ Michelle M.




Library Corner


A big thank you to Lindsay B. for his donation of the following 5 books to the church library. ~ Maureen M. CCC Librarian

Known for her vampire books, Anne Rice wrote Christ the Lord Out of Egypt, a novel of Jesus’ early life, after returning to her Christian beliefs.

Kirkus Reviews states:
“Riveting. . . . Rice’s book is a triumph of tone—her prose lean, lyrical, vivid—and character.  As he ponders his staggering responsibility, the boy is fully believable —and yet there’s something in his       supernatural empathy and  blazing intelligence that conveys the wondrousness of a boy like no other. . . . With this novel, she has indeed found a convincing    version of him; this is fiction that transcends story and instead qualifies as an act of faith.”


Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas by Ace Collins reveals the people, places, and events that shaped the best-loved  customs of this merriest of holidays. Here are spiritual insights, true-life tales, and captivating legends to     intrigue you and your family and bring new luster and depth to your celebration of Jesus’ birth.


Prayer for Beginners is an uplifting guide to the power of prayer. The simple act of prayer can give you courage and strength in challenging times, provide answers to life’s questions, help you foster a  personal connection to a higher power, and fill your heart with profound comfort and peace. But how many of us have been taught how to pray? The art of effective   prayer is fully explored in this one-of-a-kind guidebook by award-winning author Richard Webster.


If Our Church Vanished, Would Our Community Weep? Would Anyone Notice? Would Anyone Care? The Externally Focused Church by Rick Rusaw & Eric Swanson focuses on those questions.  Learn from churches that have made serving their  communities a priority—with dramatic results.

Your church can be a firm pillar in your community because of the unwavering truth and love of its members.

From the Foreword:
“I will never forget the comment of one fourth-grade teacher as she stood there, amazed at the work being done on her classroom by complete strangers: ‘If this is Christianity, then I’m interested…”

Jerusalem by Selma Lagerlof,  first      woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, is a story of Swedish families caught up in desire and divine exultation. Homestead tradition and religious         inspiration, love and duty, come in conflict in this  inspirational and bittersweet period novel that       follows the pilgrimage of the idealist human spirit of Ingmar Ingmarsson and his kin.





Disciples News:

From January 31, 2018

Dear Regional Church,

Region Office Finance Statement 12.31.17

Three figures on this report are very important to note: 1) our Total Current Assets is a NEGATIVE ($83,833); 2) Our Net Unrestricted Assets is a NEGATIVE ($308,057); and 3) Our Actual Income versus Expenses for 2017 is a   NEGATIVE ($66,683). The Regional Office finance position is in critical condition.

Camp Christian Finance Statement 12.31.17

Camp Christian had an operating DEFICIT of ($51,330). The deficit operating costs for Camp Christian in 2017 are not far behind the Regional Office operations deficit.


Our cash reserves are spent. We have cut into trust accountpal and spent down the internal obligations to our own ministries. Monthly we are dependent on the Office of General Minister and President through Treasury Services or spending down the last of what should be our permanently restricted trust funds. You may find the entire 11-page report at the CCIO website under the      Regional Church Council tab.

Please give prayerful thought as to how we can find a way to sustain regional ministry in Ohio. The model we have used for decades is no longer working.

Grace and peace to each of you,

Rev. Dr. Tom Stephenson, Regional Moderator

 Rev. John M. Richardson, Interim Regional Pastor


From February 16, 2018

Notice of Resignation

Rev. Steve Bentley tendered his resignation as the  Associate Regional Minister, effective May 15, 2018. Steve served 12 ½ years and is helping prepare for the summer programs at Camp Christian. Please keep Steve and his family in prayer as they discern God’s call for the next chapter in his ministry.

Meeting with Our General Church Partners

On February 2, 2018 Regional church representatives met with General church representatives to discuss what the OH Region must do to remain a covenant partner with the General church.  General church leaders expressed their deep and graceful concern for our welfare and discerning a path forward.

There were a number of program advisements: (1) A reimagining of OH Regional Ministry; (2) Using the  Regional Minister search process to have those conversations in spring and summer; (3) Regaining  mission clarification, rethinking the mission delivery system, and a more sustainable ecclesial and fiscal  model; (4)  A Re-covenanting service with the General Church at a Regional Assembly.

There were a number of fiscal advisements: (1) The   General church has returned more than 100% of DMF  distributions back to OH for many months, increasing our indebtedness by $20,000 per month; (2) The Camp Christian budget and Lilly Grant (the latter in arrears) should cover a fair-share portion of our Treasury       Services accounting cost; (3) Updating the Lilly          Endowment for their recommendations for the grant program; (4) Request short-term relief from the  principal on our monthly loan against Camp Christian.

Lilly Grant Report and Action

Regional leaders contacted the Lilly Endowment on February 5, 2018. Given the Region’s inability to meet the requirements of grant recipients, the Region has withdrawn from the Lilly Grant program, is developing a shutdown budget, has notified the Grant Director (Rev. Dr. Janet Mers) of the program termination, will provide required narrative and financial reports, and instructed Treasury Services to return the corpus and deficit amounts to the Endowment as soon as the closing program expenses are completed.

Adjustment to the Camp Christian Loan

Church Extension has recommended that on March 1 the OH region begin a short-term reduction of the loan against Camp Christian, reducing our monthly payment from $3647 (principal plus interest) to $810 (interest only) for the rest of 2018. On January 1, 2019, the loan payments will revert to the original agreement and we can assess our ability to fulfill the terms of the loan or if further adjustments are required.

Finally, I want to thank you for having taken the time to carefully read and reflect on these issues and outcomes. May I ask that you and your faith communities be as intentional to regularly pray for the future of the    Christian Church in Ohio?

Tom Stephenson, Regional Moderator