Monthly Archives: May 2018

May 20

“Wash With Care” Ezekiel 16:8-14; John 3:22-30 Sunday, May 20, 2018

Call to Worship      L:         The Holy Spirit was poured out from heaven on Pentecost.   P:         Tongues of fire rested upon those gathered in that upper room.   L:         That same Spirit sent them out into the streets to proclaim the good news.   P:         And people from across the world were amazed, […]

May 16

The Disciples Voice – May / June 2018

Click HERE to see the PDF version of this newsletter. Congratulations Michelle! Dear CCC Friends ~ I’m excited to share with you about my three-year appointment in Haiti! My official title is Program  Assistant on Christian  Education, Children Ministries and International Networking (sounds fancy, huh?) The Mission Co-worker (that’s me!) will be in charge of assisting […]

May 13

“The Will to be Whole” (John 5:1-15) Sunday, May 13, 2018

Call to Worship   L:         Our God comes to save us; let us rejoice.   P:         The blind see, the deaf hear, the poor receive good news, and the lame walk!   L:         Our God comes to save us; let us rejoice.   P:         The paralyzed are restored, lepers are cleansed, and even the dead […]

May 06

“Seeing and Saying the Truth” Scripture (John 9:1-11) Sunday, May 6, 2018

Call to Worship   L:         In God’s kingdom, all that is now hidden will be revealed.   P:         In the light of God’s glory nothing can be concealed.   L:         God’s ways are hidden from the eyes of the wise yet revealed to infants.   P:         May the scales of cynicism and despair no longer […]