The Disciples Voice – September 19, 2018

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Let’s Welcome Our Latest New Member

We welcome Aaron Sharpe as a new member. He joined Compass Christian Church on July 1, 2018.  Don’t forget to welcome him.





Giving Thanks

Reconciliation Special Offering  September 30 & October 7

The Special Offering is used to fund our Church’s mission imperative to become a pro-reconciling and anti-racist church utilizing experiential education, inclusive worship, and intentional dialogue. Our efforts to promote healing, relationship and restoration in the whole family of God are enlivened by funds from this offering. Through it, we are able to provide programs for leadership development, curriculum for dialogue and learning, and partnerships within the Church and our communities.

World Communion Sunday, October 7

World Communion Sunday invites congregations to experience Holy Communion in the context of the global faith community. The first Sunday of October is when Christians gather around one table to remember and affirm Christ as the Head of the Church. Whether in a grand cathedral, a mud hut, outside on a hilltop, in a meetinghouse or storefront, Christians celebrate the communion liturgy in as many ways as there are congregations. Our congregation will share 5 different types of bread from around the world that day, remembering we are part of the whole body of believers. World Communion Sunday can be both a profound worship experience and a time for learning more about our wider community of faith.


Adult Education

The Bible and Homosexuality

Tuesday Oct 23, 30, & Nov 6 @ 7 p.m.

Our own Rev. Pete Smith, CCC member, and former DOC Regional Minister will be leading us into a discussion over three weeks.

Session 1, October 23. Rev. Pete will share how his own upbringing, understanding of Bible passages, and cultural attitudes toward this and other related issues changed over time and how God “nudged” him to new places. Others will be encouraged to share how their culture shaped their own thinking and faith.

Session 2, October 30 will address: (1) Does the Bible teach more than one thing about homosexuality?  (2) Opposite views from the June 4, 2018 edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer; (3) How our Disciples of Christ founders approached Bible study, and how Rev. Pete does.

Session 3, November 6 will examine several denominational statements about homosexuality, issues with narrow fundamentalism, and class member issues.

As preparation for these sessions, Rev. Pete recommends reading the following:    


A Dynamic Display!          

The library received so many books over the summer, it would be difficult to choose just three for our display. Thank you to the generous givers of this great selection.

Looking for inspiration? It’s here. Want to develop a deeper prayer life? We have it. Want to find a way to meditate? Try coloring Mandalas.  What about a unique way to share God’s word? Look at the small book Bible Sticks. There’s something for everyone in this display. Come over to the Library Corner and see for yourself. 

Enjoy your search!



Youth Corner: 

  • Worship and Wonder resumes September 30, 2018
  • Fun time at the Web on September 16 for 6-12 graders
  • October 14 after church pizza and craft party (all ages)

Reach Out with Helping Hands

Member in Mission

Member Lindsey B. experiences with Whiz Kids: 

I was asked to share my experiences as a Whiz Kids (WK) Tutor, a ministry supported by CCC over the years. All who have participated have spoken positively about it. WK started in 1990 and is operated by the non-profit City Gospel Mission which partners with other organizations to provide afterschool tutoring and mentoring to mainly underprivileged kids in about 60 locations throughout the greater Cincinnati area. WK has been recognized as a “Best Practice Program” by the OH Governor’s office; tutoring sessions typically occur for one hour each week during the school year.

My involvement began when a friend/local pastor/WK director invited me to join; it seemed like a good way to give back to the community and serve as a positive role model. My family joined me and our site was Adena Elementary where our daughter Eleanor had attended. Other CCC members tutored there and at Hopewell Junior. While WK is a great program for all ages, there’s a minimum age requirement of 16 to be a tutor. Eleanor, then 15, shadowed her mom Judith who provided instruction while Eleanor was the one their Kid related to and emulated because of her youth.

There is a commitment requirement: 

It takes about 1.5 hours per week, usually starting right after school ends. Tutoring years start the second week of school and end the week before school ends. You needn’t worry about what you’ll do or say with learning materials—WK provides training and other resources to help tutors. Typical sessions include reading assignments, story-telling, math problems, and others. I’d often play ball with my Kids prior to starting to give them a break from their school day.

Besides tutoring, there are other ways to help with the program. While most kids are in for 2-3 years, some continue on in a mentoring relationship as they navigate high school and early adolescence. Judith is a mentor to a 12th grader and will go to breakfast, a Reds game, or just hang out. While Dave D. wasn’t a tutor during our tenure at Adena, he brought his race car to their year-end picnic. Kids sat in the driver’s seat, wore a crash helmet, and got a thrill from that.

Why Whiz Kids and programs like it matter:

Many Kids come from broken homes with little income, are divided between 2-3 households, and are without guidance in a challenging world. Their obstacles to success in life are enormous. We’d hear stories from our Kids to make us pause and sometimes cry. Some longed for parental attention, unsure which adult might pick them up after school (sometimes no one did). Many sat for hours in front of a TV while a parent or guardian worked, eating cereal or chips for dinner if they were lucky, nothing if they weren’t. Whiz Kids and business partners like Chick-fil-A and others often provided a snack, and sometimes food to take home.  Sometimes we learned of neglect and worse and our director had to pursue remedies with school administrators and others.

Despite their circumstances, the Kids always enjoyed their time with us, however brief, and we grew quite fond of them as well. I would suggest to those interested to contact City Gospel Mission for more  information:

Phone:  (513) 621-2873

Email: or Janean at


I wish you all the best if you decide to become a tutor.  I don’t think you’ll regret a minute of it.

Lindsay B.


Member in Mission

Michelle M. experiences serving with CONASPEH in Haiti

Michelle McKaye returned to Port au Prince, Haiti on Tuesday, Aug 28.

CONASPEH (National Spiritual Churches of Haiti) is based in Port au Prince, Haiti. It consists of eleven bishops and thousands of congregations all over the country.  Bishops have similar responsibilities as our Regional Ministers. The logo is an upside down tree and represents their values. The roots are in heaven, where we receive our life, direction, and sustainment from the Lord, our God. The branches and fruits are here on earth, reminding us to share the fruits of the Spirit with each other.

I met with most of the bishops when I first arrived in July. The requests of the bishops of CONASPEH was to have teachers for their nursing and theological schools. They would love for teams to come down to teach, support and work on projects with the students and congregations.

My main role will be supporting Bishop Daniel Exantus with children’s programs (education and ministries) in his churches. I will also work with Global Ministries’ People-to-People Pilgrimages to coordinate projects and mission teams coming into the country to work alongside CONASPEH.

I believe that prayer is an integral component of change, as it is the most powerful tool we humans can wield. I encourage our congregation to pray:

  • for the Haitian government to put the needs of all Haitians in their interest and work towards improving their lives
  • for the NGO’s and outside organizations to be held accountable for their spending and impact in Haiti
  • for tensions between the Dominican Republic and Haiti to end; for peace and acceptance between the cultures
  • if a mission trip to work with CONASPEH would be of interest to them. We have amazing people with the skills and hearts that can absolutely be used in Haiti!
  • for my understanding, comprehension, and communication in Kreyol; that I can remain curious to gain a deeper understanding of a beautifully complex culture.

I cannot express how grateful I am for all who have prayed and continue to pray for me during this time. I know, together, we are a part of God’s wonderful plan!

Blessings Michelle McKay

Queen City Kitchen one of our ongoing Ministries needs your support signup October 27, 2018

Always wanted to find your inner artist?

Paint Night Fundraiser – October 12 at 7 pm at Compass Christian Church 

We still need about 10 more people to register; invite your friends, CCC gets $15 of the $45 fee towards the DR/LAFWA Mission Trip happening next June.


From Laura Dailey;
Please sign up for PaintNite by this Friday, October 5th. Sorry for any difficulty with the code!  Please simply go to and search under events for our beach scene on October 12.  They will not accept any discounts since it is a fundraiser.  I would be happy to sign up anyone who is unable to do this, and you can pay me $45 cash or check. (513-236-3609)
Thank you so much!  God bless for your assistance with this mission trip fundraiser.

DR/LAFWA Mission Trip   

We are bringing this fun and fundraiser to our church for a remarkable cause!  Next June, 10 of us from CCC (and 2 friends) will be going to LAFWA to help teach Haitian folks at Wilby and Lisa Romain’s church to lead discipleship groups. You can support this cause by gathering friends or family to attend Paint Nite!  We will provide you with everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind painting to take home

If you are unable to attend October 12, sign up for any other Paint Nite using the fundraiser code below, and we will still receive the $15 donation! 

Pasta with a Purpose Fundraiser (Sample Local Restaurants Pasta, lots of fun activities for the wee ones)


Join your community for a night of fun and giving back as you attend Pasta with a Purpose at Liberty Center, a FUNraiser with proceeds benefiting the Caring Community Collaborative of West Chester and Liberty Township. Many local restaurants will offer a sample of their menu items, specializing in pasta and beyond. Sampling options for beer and wine will also be available. In addition to the great food, there will be face painting, balloon animals, and games for the kids. We will also have a variety of raffle baskets and your chance to win them! So make sure to purchase your tickets here and you will receive your raffle tickets at the door.

Purchase tickets in advance to get Early Bird entrance at 5 pm General admission from 5:30 – 9 pm for tickets purchased at the door.

Adult Food and Alcohol sampling ticket- $20
Adult Food Only ticket – $15
Kids Ages 10-15 ticket – $5 ; Kids Ages Under 10 ticket – FREE ;   Picture ID required at door.

Tickets are limited – Register now!

Regional Assembly Saturday, October 6th 10:00 a.m. — 4 p.m.

Gender Road Christian Church, 5336 Gender Road, Canal Winchester

Resolution: Recovenanting as Ohio Disciples                            

A present is welcome to vote on this resolution. For the full text go to regional_assembly_resolution_2018_10_06_final.pdf or get a printed copy from the office. What follows is a synopsis of the resolution:

There are a number of “whereas” statements that have already transpired from the Regional Council including: (1) the inability to cover fiscal obligations; (2) moving the regional office to Camp Christian; (3) suspending the search for a new Regional Minister; (4) beginning work  to create a Camp Christian Foundation separate from the Regional Church; (5) our Region needs re-covenanting.

There are a number of “we rllesolve” statements: (1) to reaffirm our bonds in covenant together; (2) to convene gatherings across OH seeking God’s vision and intentions for our region; (3) to be in prayer and discernment prior to those gatherings for our mission as a restored regional church; (4) to live in accountability and cooperating with a Regional Administrator, Camp Superintendent, and Food Service Director; for 4 adjoining regions to take on Search & Call and pastoral oversight; continue supporting stewardship until such a point as a new Regional Minister can be called; (5) for the Regional Church to “do business as” Ohio Disciples to reflect our re-covenanting.

We’ll continue living in fellowship and unity through our local churches and regional connections, shaping our future together, being about the work of making disciples of Jesus, understanding all the needed tools for these tasks are already nearby, and that we are still “gifted and called in covenant together as Disciples of Christ to be centers of transformation on the new mission frontier of our communities.”



3-week Voyager: Soundings & Bearings Feedback

Here is your feedback to further engage this material. If you missed the prior 2 messages, please view them on our website. I hope to see you all this Sunday with “Creating Camaraderie Among & Beyond the Crew.”

Sept 9  Observations:

Changing the “old” to adapt to the “new” often seems awkward, forced, & unnatural. Like, in my opinion, megachurches & Christian rock bands. Or like a steamboat becoming a gambling ship in a pond.

Since the 1940s there has been so much drastic change —WW2, the Holocaust of Jews, the beginning of “suburbs” & women working, civil rights concerning racial justice, and 3 assassinations in the 1960s. So much that seemed stable was upended in just a few decades! Does every generation experience this much change?


How do we get the “unchurched” involved in a church?    Why don’t our kids still go to church?


Thank you great & gracious God for moving us to be an inclusive Body of Christ, a Body which never dies! Be not afraid; God is with us!

Sept 16 Observations:

Bounded sets (grouped around beliefs)  and centered sets (grouped around caring) were compared. I can care about cats or the Reds. When we affirm a new CCC member, we ask them to believe Jesus is the Son of God. Are we Christian if we only care about the same things?

We must be willing to work with non-Christians toward good in our community—how do we keep ourselves faithful to Christ as we do this?

Us-them bounded set thinking is very easy to slip into—how do we avoid it?

It’s easy to view current events as a catastrophe. remembering God is with us and viewing this as an opportunity is challenging—how do we seize those opportunities?


Are other mainline churches/denominations beginning to think in this direction?   The above is a good question. Is their “thinking” based on loss of congregation populations or theologically based? Should we start using WWJD?  What are “mega” churches doing to have so many want to go there?  What should we do differently?

Focus on Health: Medicare


It’s that time of year again! Time to re-enroll in your Medicare plans. The sign up starts on October 15th and lasts through December 7th. If you are happy with your current plan and do not wish to change, most plans offer autoenrollment where you do not have to sign up for anything to continue your current coverage. Keep in mind that this only works if your plan is not being discontinued. If you want to switch or simply want to check around, the Medicare website can help you pick a plan that works best for you. On the website, you can input your current medications to find plans that cover your medications on their formulary.

Let’s review the different types of plans you can sign up for: 

Medicare part D covers your medicine while part A and B cover doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and medical supply costs. A combination of those 3 is considered original Medicare. With original Medicare, it is also recommended to get Medicare supplement insurance or Medigap insurance which helps pay for copays, deductible, etc. You cannot get this supplemental insurance if you have a medicare advantage plan. It is also important to note Medigap policies generally don’t cover long-term care, vision or dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses, or private-duty nursing. Medicare part C is what is known as Medicare Advantage plans and is an all-encompassing plan which should (but does not always depending on the plan) include A, B, and D.

Next month we will review the changes coming to Medicare Part D Plans in 2019. If you have any questions or if you are interested in helping out with the Health ministry please see Lacey S. and don’t forget about our free monthly blood pressure screenings on the first Sunday of every month in our food pantry!

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