“LaFwa Mission Trip – The Call of Christ” Scripture (John 1:35-51), Sunday, August 25, 2019

“The Call of Christ” – The LaFwa Mission Trip


The title is “The Call of Christ.” Camryn, Jamie, & Lora B., Laura D., Sally E., Sarah F., Deborah Th., and Dave Ti. will be answering the following questions:

(1) What prompted you to heed the call of Christ to “follow Christ” to the DR?  Why did you say yes or agree to go on this mission trip?

(2) How did you prepare your heart, mind, and spirit to go on this journey?

(3) What did you experience while you were there?

(4) What did you/have you learned from this experience?

(5) How were you transformed and changed from this trip and how are you continuing to be impacted by the mission trip?  How is your life different because you participated in this mission trip?

(6) What do you want to the congregation to know about saying yes to the call to follow Christ in their lives because you said Yes to Jesus to go on this trip?

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Thanks to Dave D. for working extra time to load these videos to Youtube!!! There was some technical difficulty at the beginning start about the 3:10 mark in the first video.