“Are You Prepared?” (Luke 21: 5-9) Sunday, April 26, 2019

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@Copyrighted by Rev. Dr. Troy Sybrant Sermon: “Are You Prepared?” (Luke 21: 5-9) Sunday, April 26, 2019

“Are You Prepared?”

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“Not Being Left Behind” Sunday, April 19, 2020

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@Copyrighted by Rev. Dr. Troy Sybrant Sermon: “Not Being Left Behind” Sunday, April 19, 2020


The Disciples Voice – Finding Ways to Stay Connected

Staying Connected

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We are connected…

Just in 2020,  we have had 564 users to our site, from all these geological locations :


Next Monday, April 20th 

St. Anne Episcopal Church, one of our fellow Faith Alliance congregations is hosting an online training session partnering with LoveBoldly. It’s for church folks who may or may not have an accepting or affirming theology who wants to know how best to minister to the LGBTQ+ folks who are in the midst of their lives and/or congregations.

It’s designed to equip Christians to take practical steps towards loving the LGBTQ+ community as fellow children of our God and engage them more compassionately. This gathering will help us to avoid common pitfalls that erode relationships, harm faith communities, or harm those who identify as LGBTQ+. We will focus on the mission to—and with—our brothers and sisters of the LGBTQ+ community, noting the history between the church and this community, their spiritual needs, and pastoral care implications.

ABOUT THE SESSION: This webinar will be presented via Zoom video conference. You will need a device with a webcam (preferably a computer or tablet rather than a cell phone) to participate and be seen by other participants. A-Zoom link to join the webinar will be sent to you the day before the event. We plan to use Zoom’s breakout room function to gather in smaller groups for discussion questions throughout our time together. This event will be recorded.

Date: Mon., April 20, 2020 @ 6:30 p.m.—8:00 p.m. EDT Ticket cost is $12 for those who can pay. If you cannot afford to attend, before you register, please contact The Rev Ed Bird to ask about a scholarship. He is at

For more information about LoveBoldly or the presenter, Heather Schmiedicke, and to register, click here


Book Club

Wednesday Night Book Discussion – Anxious for Nothing, author Max Lucado

New Wednesday night book discussion tentative start date April 22,  2020, at 6 p.m. With Amazon and other delivery delays this will be our likely date,

if you want to be part of this discussion, please order your copy today.

Please order your copy online and let Troy know of your interest so he can add you to the online meeting.

Author Max Lucado’s subtitle is “Finding Calm in a Chaotic World.” Max asks, “Do you feel weighed down with worry?” and in his 11 chapter book, he says that while anxiety comes with life, it doesn’t have to dominate our life.


For Our Youth:

Vacation Bible School has been canceled for this year. We are looking for something special for our youth for fall kick-off after the restrictions are lifted

Online Learning and Worship

On Sundays, there are two ways to have lessons. Many of the stories are on YouTube. There is an opportunity for children to experience a story in real-time using Zoom. At 12:45 p.m. every Sunday, you can go through the app to experience one of the stories. will take you to the announcement of virtual church meetings including Worship and Wonder at 12:45 PM each Sunday. They are now
using Zoom Meeting to connect everyone.

20 Minute Family Worship & Wonder 
EVERY Sunday at 12:45 pm (EST)
Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 518 674 137

Free Online “Pilgrim’s Progress” and discussion questions Holy Week is a pilgrimage in time, and John Bunyan’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress” is a timeless classic about the pilgrimage that all Christians make in our spiritual journeys. You can go to to find the free movie and a link to the discussion questions below. See you down the road!

Here’s a link to some discussion questions (for teens, but could be adapted for younger, too)


Camp Christian Summer Camps – must RSVP by April 26, 2020

It is essential that everyone who is planning to come RSVP’s by April 26th. If we do not have enough RSVPs, we will not be able to open camp at all this summer.

Our summer programming will have to be condensed and we will offer one week for each of the age groups:

  • CYF Conference will be July 5-11, for youth grades 9-12
  • Chi Rho Camp will be July 12-18, for youth grades 6-8
  • Otter/Ribbit Camp will be July 19-25, for children in grades 2-5
  • Advance Conference will remain July 26 – August 2, for young adults ages 19-29
  • (Grandparents Camp is looking to reschedule sometime in the Fall)

In addition to safety and health concerns, we are doing our best to be fiscally responsible with our regional resources.  For us to be able to afford to open Camp, even in this postponed and condensed format this year, we need to total 405 attendees throughout July, an average of a little over 100 people per week.  In the coming weeks, we will need attendees to RSVP (payment to be made at a future date) here so that we can have a good idea of how many campers we will be serving this summer.  It is essential that everyone who is planning to come RSVP’s by April 26th.  If we do not have enough RSVPs, we will not be able to open Camp at all this summer.

Take a minute
Close your eyes
Imagine you’re here at Camp Christian
Sitting in a Green Chair
Listening to the fountain
& the wind blowing through the trees
Clear your mind
Reflect in the stillness
Take a minute
Imagine you’re here at Camp Christian



Helping Hands


Staying Connected

Shepherding our Church

In this time that we are apart, please know that the Elders of Compass Christian Church are praying for you all. We have made it an intentional effort to contact everyone on our Shepherding list (a contact list which includes each family in our congregation). We have been busy making phone calls and emailing the families on our lists.

We must stay connected. Jesus called us to care for each other, and though we can’t be personally together, we can communicate our love and care for each other. First Peter tells us to “tend the flock of God that is in your charge”. We will be carrying out this effort until we can be together again! Please do not hesitate to reach out to Pastor Troy or one of us if you have any special prayer requests or you need the help of any kind during this time.

In addition to this, the Elders are meeting by Zoom every Sunday morning at 10:30 to pray for those on our congregational prayer list, and each other, and for our Pastor and his family. This time together allows us to lift any new prayer concerns and connect each week in a very special way. We would welcome your prayers over us as we meet. May God bless us all, keeping us focused on our mission, and keeping us healthy and safe. Amen.

Daun S.

Giving Thanks


“Arise and Shine” (Matthew 28: 1-7) Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020

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Copyrighted by Rev. Dr. Troy Sybrant Sermon: “Arise and Shine” (Matthew 28: 1-7) Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020


Maundy Thursday Service – April 4, 2020

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