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Congregational Meeting Follow UP


On Sunday, January 31st, 2021, Compass Christian Church took an important step with the overwhelming passage of the “Becoming Who We Are” resolution.  It spells out more clearly what we have said about ourselves for years – that we welcome all.  Our inclusion reaches out to all those marginalized by society.  As Troy has said, “We are not changing who we are, but acknowledging who we already are by the grace of God, the love of Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.”


We have been moving in this direction for some time, but the COVID shutdown actually gave us more time to focus on this and get us where we are today.  This has been the work of many, from those involved in the Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Table discussions from a couple of years ago to Troy, Perry, and myself for the original development of the document, to those who reviewed it in the Inclusive Sexuality book study and suggested updates, to the Elders, to the congregation members who gave feedback during the three Saturday sessions to make this a better document, to the Board who gave it their blessing, and to our congregation who approved it.

Steve Si


March Prayers


Local:  For God’s continued guidance in how we can put our Resolution into practice in our church life and in our community.


Regional: For our elected officials, local, state, and national, to risk stepping out of their silos to find some common ground.


Global:  For more vaccines to be developed, especially with new variants, for more efficient distribution, and for their greater acceptance and use.



February 15, 2021


Dear Board, Elders, & Congregation,


I write you today to let you know of a decision affecting our congregation. I met with Moderator Steve Simmons and Elder Chair Perry Mattern on the above date to share this info.


In 2009 I answered God’s call to Tylersville Road Christian Church to lead us to a new chapter. After five years of addressing unresolved transitional issues, we engaged the transformational work to which I had been originally called. We became a “congregation in transformation” joining regional and general efforts. We remembered our best history to build our best future with wall panels charting our story. We painted a mural telling the story of salvation from the shores of Eden to the dock of the New Jerusalem. We “voyaged” over four years and rechristened ourselves “Compass Christian Church.” We hosted Open Table Conversations to learn of our community, congregation, Scripture, and to practice hospitality. We engaged what it means to be an “Open Heart, Open Mind, and Open Table” church and recently voted to become an Open and Affirming congregation. Since 2009 I have worked with you to fulfill God’s call. We have become a church of harmony in fellowship, stability in finances, clarity in identity, and with a trajectory for future growth. To God be the glory!


When Amy and I arrived with Abbey in second grade, it was hard to imagine Abbey as a freshman in college. She has benefited from a good educational environment and the proximity of grandparents these past 11 years. The passage of time has, as it does with all of us, changed my perspectives and priorities. With Abbey’s acceptance to Chapman we want to be in proximity to her in her college years and beyond.


Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I wish to inform you that the God who called me here has called me to Beaverton, Oregon as senior pastor of Murray Hills Christian Church. This letter serves as my letter of resignation, effective two months hence per my letter of call. Work is underway with leadership and region to provide continuity during and beyond those months. My last Sunday will be April 4, Easter.


Amy, Abbey, and I treasure your love and support given us through the years. We have known trials and

triumphs together, “wept and rejoiced with you,” and have known God’s power, purpose, presence, and provision in our time together. God will continue to supply such in our time apart, regardless of which vessel of grace we sail upon.


It has been, and will remain, my great honor to have served as your senior pastor.




Rev. Dr. Troy Sybrant

Senior Pastor



Church Life Events – Highlights

Service Online Only

As we continue our service ONLINE ONLY at this time, let us know how we can keep connected to your family.  You can contact Perry M, Elder chair, Pastor Troy, or the office with joys, concerns, and life achievements.  Please see Thursday emails for links or go to our Facebook page for the Zoom link.


Lenten Devotionals start Feb. 18

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Advent and Christmas devotional.

Our Lenten devotional will start on Feb 18. @ 7 p.m.  Sign up today.


Week of Compassion Special Offering            Feb. 21, 28

With the gifts of our hearts, we let love flow, like new well-water to a thirsty village; for crops, for cooking, for life! Our gift is prayer in action. As we have received God’s love, let us also share that abundance with others.



Pastor’s Class       Feb 21-Mar 28

Pastor Class starting February 21st @ 9:15 a.m. for 6 weeks.  Please support our youth during this time, by words of encouragement and prayer.


Congregational Book Study Wednesdays @ 7:15   Starts Feb. 24th

 Join facilitators Perry M, Steve Si, and Troy S each Wednesday night after the 7 p.m. Lenten devotionals. “This is a practical guidebook for congregations that want to move beyond mere inclusivity. It offers a path for those who would transform their vision of the church as a gathering of all God’s children. It shares what is required of the community that seeks to live into Christ’s call ‘that all may be one.'”

Prior to Feb 24, please read Foreword & Introduction, pages ix-26.


March 3 – 5, 2021 Virtual Event

This online event is in partnership with Disciples’ New Church Ministry, the National Benevolent Association, and speakers from the UCC and PCUSA among others

An UnConference is a gathering place for people to have deep discussions, go down rabbit holes, and come back up for even more refreshing air. People who are gathering will be having conversations about trends in the charitable sector, novel systems and changes that are happening elsewhere, systemic change issues, orthodoxies that need changing and much more!

This will be a life-giving event that leaves you with new connections and new ideas… guaranteed!

What to Expect

March 3rd – Pre-Conference. This includes 2 different streams for the community of faith folk and social purpose organizations. These streams are designed to help your get in the right mindset for the rest of the conference!

March 4th – We have 2 sessions today.

Morning – “Fishbowl: Seeing Things Differently” which will help you change your perspective about who and how to collaborate.

Afternoon – “Mission Possible” is a fun interactive game that will stretch you to work together to address a presented social/community challenge

March 5th – We have another 2 sessions to close out the conference.

Morning – “Fall in love with the problem” is the time to lean into the challenges that impact you the most or the ones that you are the most passionate about. We guarantee you’ll make new connections and generate new ideas here!

Afternoon -“Local Inclusive Economies: Connect Local!” this is our final session and this is the opportunity for you to connect locally. Everyone will bring their unique experience from the conference and you’ll be able to share and learn from each other.

For more information :


Youth Highlights


We plan to open Camp Christian this summer! That is great news!

For several months the Christian Church in Ohio Regional staff has been guided by and working with the Union County Health Department (UCHD – County where Camp is located), attending webinars provided by the American Camping Association (ACA), and working with individual Camp Directors (each age group has its own Director or multiple Directors) to come up with a viable plan to open our Camp. The UCHD has toured the property and feels that we can safely host a residential camp this summer following some specific COVID protocols, including requirements such as requiring all adult volunteers to be vaccinated, fewer campers per cabin, extra sanitation by the Camp staff, masking, some modification of programming to allow for social distancing, along with other steps we feel are necessary to have a safe camp experience. The CCIO Regional office will be making a newly revised, six-page Camp Christian Policies and Procedures document available soon.

In addition, the UCHD has asked us to wait to open Camp until July to give more people the opportunity to be vaccinated. That being said, each age group Camp will have one week designated for July as follows:

  • July 4-10 Chi-Rho Camp (campers who have completed 6-8 grades)
  • July 11-17 Christian Youth Fellowship (CYF) Conference (campers who have completed 9-12 grades)
  • July 18-24 Junior Camp – (campers who have completed 3-5 grades)
  • July 25-Aug. 1 Advance Conference (ages 19-30)

Additional adult volunteers will be needed this year. If you are interested, please contact me and I can put you in touch with the appropriate week Director, or pass your information along.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Daun S.


From the Regional Camp Director

Please ask questions!  Undoubtedly, many concerned parents and pastors will want to know more.  That is okay!  A camp policy can be forwarded to you from the office.  If you have additional questions or would like follow up conversations about these policies, please reach out to our Regional Program Director, Rev. Alan Dicken at

**IMPORTANT NOTE**: We are needing additional counselors who can serve for Junior Camp this year.  Without at least 20 additional volunteers, we won’t be able to offer Junior Camp, which would be very unfortunate for the youth and for our programming.  If you are interested in sending in an RSVP for your child for Junior Camp and would like to accompany them as a counselor this year, we would greatly appreciate that!  If you are interested in serving as Junior Camp Counselor this July 18-21, please fill out this form here and we will be in touch with you.

Also, we cannot thank you enough for helping to donate to the Renewal Initiative last year.  Your gifts and donations helped to make this year possible and your ongoing support to the Renewal Initiative will continue to ensure that Camp Christian will continue to thrive and we will continue to engage in the powerful youth and young adult ministries that happen there every summer.  Please click here if you would like to make a contribution to the Renewal Initiative.



Children’s Message for All Ages

 Jesus had a special way of spending time with the people nobody wanted to be around.   In his day, many of the people he spent time with were considered “unclean”, untrustworthy, and unworthy to be given any attention.   Look at Luke 19: 1-10 when Jesus called to Zacheus.   Zacheus was considered untrustworthy because he was a tax collector.   In Matthew 8: 1-4, Jesus touches a leper to heal him.   Lepers were not supposed to be touched because of their disease.   Jesus heals a blind  beggar in Luke 18: 35-43.   Read these stories and think about our world today.  Are there people we are taught to ignore or distrust because of who they are, the color of the skin, or their point of view?   Jesus calls us to love our neighbor, not ignore them, distrust them, or be unkind to them.  Because He loved us, we need to love others because Jesus loves them just as much!


Listen to this song by Mandisa.   Think about how Jesus calls you to love others.   Loving others will bring us together because we will take care of each other, listen to each other, and respect each other.

Holy Moly Video and Discussion on Thursdays @ 7 p.m.

Christian Education presents an opportunity for the youth to gather and watch a Holy Moly video on Zoom.   The youth will be encouraged to read the story from their Bible after the Zoom session.  There are additional activities available after the Zoom meeting as well. Invitations will be sent out to all families. We hope to have the video available for one week after the Zoom meeting to re-watch or watch the story for the first time. There will be more information to come on how to access the video after the Zoom meeting.


DO you know of someone you wish to add outside our immediate congregation to this learning experience, please contact Carol Y to be added to the Zoom meeting list.  All are welcome.





Queen City Kitchen


We have had a few brave people to come and bring in cases of water.  Please call before coming because if weather is crazy, we may be working from home.

Please drop off items at CCC during office hours or contact the God Hub for pickup and delivery.   God Hub –


X-Days in April!

Are you ready to get dirty for Jesus?

Compass Christian will once again be joining with other local churches with X-Day activities!  X-Days are eXternally focused work in our communities beyond the doors of our church.  We are currently looking at mid to late April dates based on the project(s). We hope to finalize plans in the next few weeks.

Do you know of someone in our community that needs some help around their home?  We are looking for projects that we can safely work under Covid restrictions and benefit those with a real need.  If you have ideas for projects, please let Dave D or Ed V know.


Mason Food Pantry 

In January, we received 2 letters from the Food Pantry.  One was a Thank you for the donation of $50 sent to them and a second letter was for the gift of food items for the pantry.  Our support to assist our neighbors in Mason by providing food and personal care resources for those in need is greatly appreciated.


Feed Our Neighbors in Need Community Food Drive, Feb 21-Mar 3

by Faith Alliance

We will be partnering with other Faith Alliance congregations and collecting food up to March 5th.  You can drop off your donations at the church during office hours or call office for pick up.  The sacks of groceries will be weighed on Friday, March 5 between 11-1 and then deliver it to FUMC.  We would like to have some volunteers to help with this. At CCC you can contact Ed V. or Annmarie L with any questions.

By working together in partnership with others in our congregation and partners congregations in the Faith Alliance, we can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors! YouTube Video

Wish List

Hamburger helper, canned pineapple or fruit, oil, Granola bars, bags of black beans, Maseca corn flour, dish soap, body wash, deodorant, diapers, cereal, Chef Boyardee canned goods


Watch other great programs and Partner Churches like Stepping Forward Tuesday night dinners:

Sign up to be a Winter Buddy!

Send a card, make a phone call, offer assistance, or just say hello…Help those who may feel isolated this winter.  Every week from December – March. All ages welcome!  Sign Up Here, or call the church office at 754-0777.

If you cannot bring supplies to the church please contact or if you have any Outreach questions.


Jillian Gr’s Girl Scout Troup Sale

With your help we sold 323 boxes of cookies and raised $1,615. Thank you so much for your support CCC!



  • Thank you to all who are essential this past year, doctors, nurses, all their support teams, EMS, Fire department, Police and government workers, and those mobilized to provide COVID vaccinations.
  • Thank you to road crews, truck drivers and others who bring needed supplies, and for those planning logistics behind the scenes.
  • Thank you to teachers, teacher aids, and all the support staff at schools.
  • Thank you to all who support by being there to listen in these crazy times like friends, psychologists, therapists, and ministers.
  • Thank you goes to those we have forgotten to name but are there for us.


Online Tech Support Team

Having trouble accessing Zoom for Wednesday night book studies or Sunday morning worship? Fear not, for Perry M and Steve Se are offering their skills to guide you through. Please contact them for help.

2020 and 2021 Giving and Your Taxes

As you prepare to file for the 2020 tax year, did you know there are new deductions and benefits for those who made gifts to nonprofits—such as CCC locally, Camp Christian regionally, or Global Ministries generally–through the 2020 CARES Act? These could apply even if you use the standard deduction. Additionally, these new benefits and deductions were extended for 2021, which you may find helpful as you plan your 2021 giving.

Learn more about taxes and giving in 2020 and 2021 here.



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Office Hours

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  • Tuesday & Thursday  Work Off Site



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