The Disciples Voice Newsletter – May Edition

New Interm Pastor

The Pulpit Committee conducted its research with Dean Phelps, Regional Minister for Kentucky, who was helping us at the time. 

We selected several candidates from the ones he gave us to interview.  After conducting the interview, the committee voted and selected Beckie Linn Gregory, one of our own Timothy’s, to present to the Board. 

The Board approved this selection. The congregation approved with their votes on Sunday, April 25, 2021. Please extend a warm welcome to Rev. Beckie Linn Gregory!!!

In-Service Church Reopens May 2nd, 2021

We realize that with Covid still going on, not everyone will want to attend in-person services for various reasons, which is okay.  Masks, covering the nose and mouth, will be required to be worn indoors at all times.  There will be no singing by the congregation at this time (only humming allowed).  Chairs will be grouped by family units that are six feet apart from other family units.  We will seek to keep the environment as safe as possible. 

Greeting each other can take place before or after the service outside the building as you are comfortable.  This decision is subject to review by the Board at its monthly meeting should Covid conditions change significantly in our community. 

For those at home, we will need to find a way for us to keep in touch with each other as we could before the Zoom service.  Suggestions on how we might facilitate this will be appreciated and considered.

In addition, by our bylaws, the Nominating Committee will present a new Leadership Team to the Board at the May meeting for June 2021 through May 2022 church year.  If approved, this list will go to the congregation for approval after our May 30th service.

Some significant changes are moving us forward into our next church year!  Thanks to all who make our life together as Compass Christian Church possible!

Goodbye to Sybrant Family

What a joy it was to have a drive-thru farewell on April 11 despite the overcast, windy, and chilly conditions! Many thanks to the 40 cars that arrived and the letters of love and gifts including a love offering. A special thanks to the Harris and Engle families for the setup and preparation of yummy treats and balloons. We are so grateful for your offers of packing assistance, your prayers for our travels and new ministries, jobs, and college opportunities, and most especially your partnership in ministry, support, and friendship in Christ. May His Spirit continue to direct our separate ways and connect us until we meet again.

Love, Troy, Amy, and Abbey

Mother’s Day May 9th

This Mother’s Day, you can provide a Blanket through Church World Service to be used in helping those around the world who are touched by disasters – only $10 per blanket.

A blanket can be given in Memory of or In Honor of a special Mother, for a card to be sent, please provide a name and address and whom the blanket is given by. You can email the information to the office and forward the gift by mail or PayPal. Thank you for helping with this outreach program. Don’t forget to mark the memo line as Mother’s Day Gift on your check.

Pentecost Offering May 16 & 23rd

The Pentecost Offering supports Disciples’ new church development. Planning, nurturing, and sustaining new congregation is part of the Disciples’ vision. This offering supports the specialized ministry of new church development through both regional and general programs. Gifts for this offering are divided equally between the region in which they’re given and the New Church Ministry.

New Members by Transfer of Membership

Easter Sunday was an exciting day. We had our first in-person service together in many months by joining together on the lawn to celebrate Easter morning and the Baptism of our youth candidates. If that was not enough to make this a special day, we had 3 families who transferred their membership to Compass Christian Church as well. We want to welcome Kevin & Jillian Grady, Robert and Peggy Mansfield, and Ryan and Elana Replogle.

Jillian Grady, I’m a third-generation Disciple.  I grew up going to Forest Park Christian Church (now called Kemper Road).  Kevin and I were married at Mt. Healthy, as that’s where my parents were married, and my sister was baptized there.  All three of our kids were dedicated there by Rev. Michael Doerr.





Ryan and Elan Replogle

We moved to the Cincinnati area in 2016 after completing both of our Master’s degrees in the Memphis, TN/North Mississippi area so Ryan could pursue a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Hebrew Union College. Then, in 2019, we moved to West Chester to be closer to Elana’s new job at Dayton Children’s Hospital, where she works as a Speech-Language Pathologist. We both grew up in the Church of Christ–a denominational cousin to the Disciples of Christ–and, after visiting many churches during our time in the Cincinnati area, are happy to have found a home at Compass. In our free time, we like to do outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and going on long walks, weather permitting (Elana’s Texan roots are still adapting to mid-western weather). Otherwise, we are both avid readers–Ryan mostly because he is hard at work on his dissertation. We look forward to continuing to learn and grow with everyone in the future.

Robert and Peggy Mansfield were not able to be with us in person, but the pastor received them into membership by phone on March 31st. We were married in 1968 in The Disciples of Christ Church in Massillon, Ohio. We were blessed with two sons and have lived most of our almost 53 years in Avon Lake and Amherst, Ohio. After retirement, we moved to the Cincinnati area to be near our sons and their wives and children. We have lived here in Maineville for ten years and have followed Wilma Wood to this congregation. We feel very blessed and look forward to knowing everyone.


Our Youth who Joined by Baptisms


Silas enjoys running on the track and cross-country teams and playing basketball.  He is also in Scouts and likes to make comic books.


Matthew excels in math and problem solving, is on Safety Patrol, and plays Lacrosse. His hobbies include gaming on Nintendo Switch and Apps, bike riding, reading, and picking on his little brother.


Emma is in her 6th year of Girl Scouts, and is extremely proud to be the 4th generation, Scout!  She does taekwondo and recently earned her yellow belt.  Most of her free time is spent playing soccer; she plays for Ohio United 🙂


Noah is doing very well in school after moving to a new school district this year! He plays basketball and baseball.


Liam is in honors classes and plays football, basketball, and baseball. 


Children’s Message for All Ages

          In the story of Daniel in Babylon with King Nebuchadnezzar, we meet Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refusing to bow down and worship the golden image of King Nebuchadnezzar.   The King gets angry and has the three boys thrown into the fiery furnace to kill them in a very cruel way.  When the boys are placed into the fire, they are not burned!  That is amazing enough but even more amazing is that the King and his attendants count 4 people in the furnace, one more than they put in!  Who was it?  God was there, of course!   Read Daniel 3: 1-30.  The fact that God was with the boys and protected them in the furnace impressed the King that they had a God who really cared about them and protected them.  

          We have spent over one-year doing things in a different way to try and stop the spread of Covid and to keep people well.  Many of the things we have had to do have not been fun, like wearing a mask, skipping vacations, online school, and sometimes not even hugging the people we love.   It was all scary at first because our world was changing.   Now looking back, did you see God was with us every moment of the way?   In what ways do you see God working?  Do you see people helping others?   People finding ways to show they care?   God has been with us the whole time and will continue to be with us in everything, just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego!   Listen to “Fires” by Jordan St. Cyr.

VBS 2021

       Plans are beginning for VBS 2021.   With an abundance of caution, we will be planning a VBS night or afternoon that will look a little different!   Families will be encouraged to attend together so it will be more of a family and friends event.  We don’t know what recommendations the CDC will have in August so we will have Plan A which is more interactive and Plan B which will be a drive-thru version.  The theme will be The Family of God and will explore different types of families found in the Bible.  We would love to have your help in any way that you can!   Planning has begun through Zoom meetings.  You are welcome to join in on the planning and the Zoom meeting schedule will be announced soon.  We also hope to have soon a list of ways you can volunteer and support VBS 2021.  Watch for upcoming announcements.

VBS 2021 Friends and Family Night will be August 14th with times and rain dates to be announced later. Our next VBS planning meeting will be 7:00 pm on May 17th.

Camp Christian selects Campsite Manager

We are so excited to introduce to you our Interim Campsite Manager Tom Bowerman-Jett!! Tom started this week and is already diving into the workout at Camp Christian. As most of you know, the grass never seems to stop growing at Camp!


X-Days April 18th

Pictured (Dave, Daun, Steve, Lyle, Laura, Mairi, Sally, Rich, Missy, C.J., Bill) Missing from Photo Jackson, Ed

Thank you to you who cleaned up the church Youth Room!!- Marlene, Ruth, Nancy, Debi, Alice not pictured.

Thank you to all who donated money, blankets, sheets, stuffed animals, cards, and more…!!!

A link to photos of X-Day activities

From Reach Out Lakota

We are humbled and grateful for your amazing support!!  Our matching gift challenge was a huge success.  You responded with such generosity.  Many people made donations, some giving part or their full stimulus checks to help families. In just 15 days we raised $13,170 and we got an additional $5,000 from our anonymous donor bringing our total to $18,170   THANK YOU!


Also during the last week of March, we handed out food boxes to 121 families which provided 5,748 meals to those in need.  We couldn’t do this without so many individuals and groups who generously donate to the pantry.


Up next is our Corporate Food Fight in June and we have begun work on our Back To School Program where we will provide new backpacks and school supplies to over 450 Lakota Students.   

Thank you again for your generous support. Scott Stephens

Stepping Forward

Our CCC Cookie Team baked, bought, and bagged 384 mouthwatering doughy discs for this worthy cause.

THANKS to: Carol Y, Marlene P, Linda H, Katie B, Linda B, Pam H, Maureen M, Ed V.

Feed Our Neighbors in Need

Queen City Kitchen

Queen City Kitchens are planning to open their dining rooms on May 11 in both Walnut Hills and OTR.  We have been asked to start our Saturday service again.  I would target the third Saturday of June as our start.  That would be June 19th.

We have 8 to 12 volunteers who would be willing to go down.  I would strongly suggest that you have completed your vaccinations by then and we will wear masks.  If you think you would be willing, please let me know  My email is



Stewardship comes in many forms. Many of our members give up time weekly to do cameras, get the online service ready for Zoom, update our website, giving to others through food, financial help,p and see items around the church building. Another one of the gifts is our financial support. In going through the folders at church to eliminate duplicates and triplicates I ran across a chart from the late 1990s. It talks about the use of income. One is giving, living expenses, taxes, debt repayment. The next level was cash flow margin then growth in net worth and long-range objectives. The church’s goals are just like family financial goals.

Our ways of education, outreach, and even our service may have changed but it seems like the goals of TRCC when just being formed are the same goals CCC has today.  This information shows how us how we are doing as a church family.


2021 Yearly Budget Yearly Pledges

$194,150 $182,000

Monthly $15,583

Quarterly Total Quarterly Giving  
 monthly X 3    
$46,750.00 $49,325.68  


The general fund is for normal operating expenses for the church. The outreach gifts given to our many organizations are over and above the general fund. That total for the first quarter is $1,961.20.


The monthly mortgage is $3594.42. That’s $43,133.04 for the year.   The pledged amount for 2021 is $37,320.00. 


Quarterly Mortgage Budget Quarterly Giving
$10,783.26 $13,037.00 $11,284.00

 Capital Giving goes to the mortgage and upkeep of the building.

Online Tech Support Team

Having trouble accessing Zoom for Wednesday night book studies or Sunday morning worship? Fear not, for Perry M and Steve Se are offering their skills to guide you through. Please contact them for help.

Office Hours

Hours: Monday & Wednesday 9 – 1 in the building

Tuesday & Thursday Work Off-Site