April 29

XDays – Mission in Dayton April 30, and May 1, 2022

The pieces are coming together for this weekend’s mission project, thank you for being willing to jump in and get dirty for Jesus!


The plan right now is to meet at Compass church Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8am and drive to Dayton.  



For those of you meeting at the site, we will ALL meet at 418 Smith Street in Dayton at 9am.  From there we will divide up and some will stay at Smith and some will go to the Boggs site.  Our Sunday worship service for all will be on-site at Smith at 9am.



The Smith St. site is a rehab, currently it is being drywalled – we will most likely be refinishing some of the dry wall (mud/sand), installing luan flooring sheets, and cleaning/painting basement floor.



The Boggs site is ready for siding, hopefully the weather will hold for outdoor work.



Most tools will be provided, if you have your own tools you wish to bring you are more than welcome.  
I have not made any lunch plans, if you want to pack a lunch or we can order something local its up to you.  You may want to bring your own water.



 Please respond to me via. email or text if you will be working Saturday, Sunday or both,


Dave Diehl



Also let me know if you will be meeting at church or at site.  I would appreciate if each could send me their cell phone number so I can have it in case of last minute changes. 



There is a permission/liability form that you will need to fill out prior to working.  Send me your email and I will  send you the form.



Thanks, Dave D.