Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey

Not all who meander are lost.


Life is a journey. We’ve heard it many times.

Experience bears out its truth.

Each person’s  journey starts at birth, and with time’s    passage and life’s choices, a path unfolds. The road ahead of us is made by walking.

Sometimes that path takes us down interesting side roads for a while. Many times, the side road that looked so promising tapers off and disappears. Other times those detours are dead ends, and we have to double back. Rarely if ever does anyone’s   journey follow a  laser-straight course.


We understand; we have all been there; it is only natural. Like a river that follows the contours of the land so the course of our life flows.  Most of our journeys, truth be told, follow a

meandering, winding course.


We each have a homing instinct.



Meanderinghoming instinct can be a pleasant diversion, but at some point we weary of amusing  distractions. Roadside attractions off the beaten path can be entertaining, but our destination beckons us to return to our journey. Day trips can be enjoyable, but a perpetual day trip can become a nightmare when we cannot find our way home.

Each of us has a homing  instinct, a deep desire to move   purposefully through life toward some ultimate destiny.

Our hearts are  magnetized toward lives of meaning filled with hope, joy, and love.



Journeys are better together.



Going someplace new by oneself can be exhilarating, illuminating, and memorable. Yet that same journey can be immeasurably enriched when others share it with us.

Others see things we overlook and hear things we miss.  A trip by oneself can be easily forgotten, but a journey with others becomes part of the story of our life.

There is a hunger in our hearts to have companionship on this journey through life. There is a deep longing for fellow  travelers with whom we can share our deepest hurts and highest hopes, those with whom we can get our bearings and share our blessings.

Given the road hazards we each encounter on the way, we need trustworthy friends upon whom we can rely for assistance, guidance, and reassurance as we journey forward.



We are a community of fellow travelers.


The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was in Cincinnati before Procter met Gamble.

Compass Christian Church is part of an American-born expression of faith that values asking questions and the freedom to discover answers on your own within a larger community.

. In 1998 we built a church near the Butler-Warren county line in order to serve both the nearby communities of West Chester and Mason and the larger Cincinnati-Dayton area. A church is often thought of as just a building but it is the people “children of God” that make up a church community.

Like individual puzzle pieces we do not fit the same, think the same, feel the same, or act the same. With our founders’ values of unity, liberty, diversity, love, reaching out and  helping others, we weave a beautiful tapestry of trustworthy friendships.

We are fellow travelers on life’s journey. Although we come from many places, we are traveling the same direction. Together we navigate the hills, valleys, and road hazards along the way.


Learning to follow, following to learn.


We are disciples of Jesus, meaning we’re both followers and students.

Some ways we are followers include collaborating with local congregations (Faith Ministries and Faith Alliance) to help neighbors in Mason, Deerfield Township, West Chester, and Liberty Township. Through these shared ministries, we feed the hungry (27,700 pounds of food collected for local food pantries), provide school supplies & backpacks for needy children (370+ last year), and perform various community service projects.

We also are followers of Jesus as a congregation, providing over 2800 meals a year locally and at Over-the-Rhine.  Our youth & adults travel on mission trips to help in areas where natural disasters strike.

Some of the ways we are students include educating youth and adults in innovative and engaging ways like Children Worship & Wonder, Vacation Bible School, summer camps. Another educational opportunity for youth and adults includes vocal choirs and our hand bell choir.

Some of the best lessons in life don’t happen in a classroom, but what we learn along the way among others. As disciples we’re learning to follow, and following to learn.

Go here for additional information on all our reach out community service programs.


We are on a journey with and toward God.

The first thing you notice when you walk through our door is the uncommon welcome and joyful warmth extended to one and all.

The next thing you notice is the mural that stretches across the front of our worship space. It tells the story of our lives through God’s eyes, revealed in art that young and old alike helped create.



It is a reminder that as people of faith we live by a different and truer story than the rest of the world. That our lives have their origins and destiny in God and that although there are hazards along the way, we are not alone.

God, through Jesus, has become a fellow traveler alongside us to ensure we reach our destination where he also awaits us. With him we are making our way to truth and life.

Scripture is our guidebook, and weekly communion sustains us along this journey.

Come join in this journey and find your heart’s destination among and beyond us.