Youth – God’s Children

A church without youth is a church without future, and youth without church is youth without future.

DHMyouthTimothy 4:12“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.”

You are a miracle, entirely unique;

There has never been another with your combination of talents, dreams, desires and hopes.

You can create. You are capable of love and compassion.

You are a miracle. You are a gift of creation to itself.

You are here for a purpose, which you must find.

Your presence here is sacred – and you will Change the world.  –   DavidKrieger

We have a nursery for the young ones (age 3 and under). And yes we use acronyms, they include:

  •     Christian Children’s Fellowship CCF (Gr 3-5)

  •     Chi Rho Fellowship (Gr 6-8)   

  •     Christian Youth Fellowship CYF (Gr 9-12)

Our children participate in a program called Children Worship & Wonder (CW&W) 

Children Worship & Wonder is a Montessori-influenced program and is often effective with children who have attention deficit problems.
Children Worship & Wonder is for children age 4 to 4th grade.  Also, please add somewhere that children are dismissed to a Greeter at the back of the sanctuary after the Children’s Moment to go to Children Worship & Wonder.  Parents then pick up their child through the left-hand door of the modular after church.

CW&W  respects the ways children learn today by offering learning activities that are experiential, image-rich, multi-sensory, interactive, engaging, and varied in learning style.

Significant training is required to learn this approach and use it effectively.  We have trained story tellers and greeters.

 We believe:

1. Inter-generational  faith formation—bringing all age groups together to learn about their faith—is an effective way to accomplish the goals of lifelong faith formation.

2. Congregations in which children, youth, and young adults are active participants and leaders in the whole life of the church are communities of vital faith formation.

3. Vital discoveries children’s ministry is about story, ritual, and relationship.

4. Faith journeys  are unique to the individual, as they try to figure out who they are, and how they can navigate their lives and the world. We recognize the diversity of people’s spiritual and religious needs.

5. Faith formation for young adults is different than faith formation for older adults.

6. Vital faith formation for children, youth, and young adults occurs when adults engage their own faith in meaningful ways and serve as models for them.