Faith Emergency Services and Ministries

FAITH Emergency Services and FAITH Ministries (Ongoing)



Both FAITH offices are located at the Mason Methodist Church and are open every Thursday from 1-3 PM. Services are for Mason and Deerfield residents.

Faith Ministries help in three categories:

  1. Emergency Services.  People come to them when their utility bills have been discontinued, they have been served eviction notices, or need prescription drugs for life threating situations.  The cargiver can give up to $300 dollars every 6 months.

  2. Food Court – If the person is on food stamp assistance a $50 Kroger gift card can be given (1 for every 3 months) or $100 Kroger gift card if there is 2 dependants.

  3. OHIO Benefit Bank – help people qualify for assistance.  Which entails recording their information electronically and finding out if they are eligible for program assistance from food stamps, Medicare, Medicade etc.

The also get requests from school counsellors for needy children.  They can donate $150 per child, as well as help the family shop for items for that child.

How can I help?

You may also support Faith Ministries by placing a donation in the offering tray on Sunday mornings and designating it Faith Ministries.

You can volunteer at Mason Methodist Church Thursdays from 1-3 p.m.  Don’t be afraid you will have mentors there to help you and for tasks you will receive training.


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I wanted to see about getting help with food is there anyone in the butler county area that can help please call me at 5138088649

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