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In developing countries, medicines when actually obtainable are often dispensed into hands, pockets, leaves or any other available container.  Matthew 25 Ministries accepts donations of basic medical supplies such as empty pill bottles to help improve health care quality in developing nations. Donations of clean, unlabeled pill bottles help the poorest of the poor in many ways: Medicine can be distributed in sterile containers. Pill bottles that are not appropriate for shipping are recycled for cash that goes towards Matthew 25 Ministries’ programs. This plastic recycling program keeps thousands of bottles out of landfills each year.

Matthew 25: Ministries accepts the following types of empty pill bottles (clean and unlabelled please):

  • Prescription pill bottles
  • Large and small pill bottles
  • Pill bottles with and without child resistant caps
  • Over-the-counter pill bottles

Placing a nickel, dime or quarter in each pill bottle helps with shipping costs.

How can I help?

Please drop your old pill box in the box at the back of the sanctuary.

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hello, I am a disabled vet and would like to start this program in my church. I live in Jacksonville Florida and I am a faithful member of a small church called New Friendship Baptist Church in Atlantic Beach Florida. Canyou provide any information so I can start this program in my church. Any information would be appreciated. You can each me by email or by phone. My phone number is (904) 534-8013. Thank you and God bless you

In addition to pill bottles , I have a lot of diabetic test strip viles. for reference they are FREE STYLE LITE .a google image search will show the size. The cap is tight and the label easy to remove. The diameter is no bigger than a quarter. .25
Is this something you could use ?

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