Special Day Offerings – Disciples Mission Fund

Habitat for Humanity Outreach:

– Offerings taken two Sundays prior to Father’s Day and money is donated for regional Habitat for Humanity projects.

Blanket Sunday:

Offerings taken two Sundays prior to Mother’s Day to buy blankets for those in our country and around the world affected by disasters.

Disciples Mission Funds (DMF):

Throughout the year, TRCC members provide financial contributions to many different special offerings for the Disciples of Christ church.  These special offerings include Week of Compassion, Easter, Pentecost, Reconciliation, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Easter contributions go toward DOC General Ministries, Pentecost contributions goes towards new church development (with 50% being regional), Thanksgiving contributions goes towards disciples colleges, universities and theological institutions, and Christmas contributions go to fund Regional activities like scholarships to attend camps and conferences.

Special Mission Funds -Reconciliation (organized effort across all DOC congregations)

We are Disciples of Christ, a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God has welcomed us! What does that mean? We celebrate our differences, not just tolerate them.  There is room at the Lord’s Table and our church for “everyone”.              We promote UNITY, oppose RACISM and celebrate DIVERSITY.

A special collection is taken the last week in September and the first week in October for the Reconciliation Ministry.  All the money collected will go back to the region to give grants to the pro-reconciliation/anti-racism initiatives.

Special Mission Funds -Week of Compassion (organized effort across all DOC congregations)

Floods, hurricanes, fire, civil wars, poverty, disease are only a few of the challenges Week of Compassion responds to on behalf of Disciples.

The emphasis on “Week” in our name indicates the fund’s beginnings as a week-long effort to raise money for those in need. The first official Disciples of Christ collection under this name was made February 20 – 27, 1944, in conjunction with the annual Brotherhood Dinner, celebrated simultaneously by Disciples churches across the country. Decades later, WoC is still a week-long special offering season each February. WoC receives all of its funds from Disciples congregations and their members.  On average approximately $2.7-3.5 million is received in a given year. Approximately 6% of the budget goes to administrative costs. Approximately 50% goes to disaster relief out of the Compassion Response Fund and 25% to sustainable development.

Did you know?

  • · 2012, Week of Compassion responded to at least 47 different countries and at least 39 different states in the U.S.
  • · Week of Compassion helped fund some 250 work trips of the more than 1125 groups (over 11,081 volunteers) who traveled to the Gulf South since the hurricanes of 2005 to aid in the hurricane recovery. Disciples donated at least 437,070 hours to the recovery! And Week of Compassion continues to help send Disciples to aid in recovery in places like Joplin, MO and Haiti.
  • · Week of Compassion established the Women’s Empowerment Fund in 2010 to contribute to the education, training and empowerment of women, recognizing that economic and social development around the world, including North America, depends directly on how we support and empower girls and women.
  • · Week of Compassion responds almost every single day to some form of need or suffering in the world.

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