The Disciples Voice November Newsletter

October 21, 2020
Volume XLI, Number 10 Click HERE to view the newsletter in PDF format


COVID Changes in the Office Hours:

  • Monday & Wednesday 9 – 1   in the building             
  • Tuesday & Thursday Work Off-Site
  • The office will be closed for Thanksgiving on Nov. 26.


Service Online Only

Due to the numbers for COVID 19, the board has chosen to continue our service as ONLINE ONLY at this time. Please see Thursday emails for a link or go to our Facebook page.

Sunday Service Material Pick Up!

They’re at the church on Monday, 10/26 9-1; Tuesday 10/27 9-1 p.m. Wednesday 10/28 9 -1 p.m. and 6 -7:30 p.m.

List of what is included in it.

  • Communion cups
  • Special Offering envelopes for Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Flyers for the two offerings
  • Advent & Christmas devotionals—see p. 6
  • Consecration Sunday treat
  • Chrismons for Youth
  • Surprises for Youth
  • Candles for Christmas Eve
  • Surprise for 12th day of Christmas
  • If Adults wish to have the Chrismons, contact office for a copy.


October Sermon Series

  • Oct 25—“The Tables of the Early and Medieval Church”
  • Nov 1—“The Tables of the Reformation, Modern, and Future Church”

After the closing of the message part of the service, we are offering a “Table Talk” after worship these Sundays to dig in and dialogue more about the message to consider its implications for our lives together. We hope you join in that part of the Zoom discussion.


 Children’s Moment for All Ages

Last month we read Matthew’s version of Jesus walking on the water to get to his disciples in a boat.  This month we will read John’s account of the story.  Read John 6:16-21.  We also know the story of Jesus sleeping in the boat and his disciples waking him up because of the storm that was tossing the boat.   Read Matthew 8: 23-27.

Notice in both stories Jesus and his disciples are dealing with wind and storms while in a boat.   When Jesus walked on the water to the boat, the lake was not calm and the winds were blowing.  Jesus tells his disciples not to be afraid, that He is there with them.  When the boat was being tossed by the storm and the disciples awoke Jesus, he asked them why they were afraid.   In both stories, Jesus tries to tell them that He is with them through the storms, keeping them safe and they do not need to be afraid.

These storms are not always the rain and thunder kind.   We have “storms” or times when we don’t feel safe, or we are afraid of what might happen or what we cannot see.  Just like these two stories, Jesus is there with us in the storms.  He comes to us and wants to be with us so we won’t be afraid.  He did not promise to keep the storms away but promised to be with us and helps us through.  Listen to this song, “Wave Walker” by Citizen Way.  When do you have to be a wave walker?  How do you let your faith get you through?


Stewardship Campaign:


Nov. 1-15

This has been a year of the incredible loss of life and livelihood, of protest and prayer, of disruption and disorientation. Old certainties no longer seem to hold, long-range plans are shelved, and the present moment feels precarious. While these realities may be new to us in 2020, this isn’t the first time people of faith have faced these challenges. Consider the church in Thessalonica, devoted to its faith yet threatened by social pressures. Paul advises them and us to, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks to God in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

Circumstances change, but the will of God in Christ Jesus for us does not. Our worship patterns have changed, but our praise of God has not. Our educational methods have changed, but the shaping of hearts and minds of youth and adults has not. Outreach procedures have changed, but serving our neighbors and beyond has not. Fellowship interactions have changed, but the need for encouragement and building one another and others has not. Witnessing for Christ has changed, but the need to make disciples for Christ has not. Circumstances change, but the work of Christ Jesus through Compass Christian Church has not.

Since March our congregation has adapted, and continues to adapt, to meet new circumstances. In November’s worship, we’ll hear from those in our church that are rejoicing and thanking God, despite the circumstances. With God’s arms embracing our hearts and our arms embracing the hearts of others we can continually rejoice, unceasingly pray, and give thanks in all circumstances.  I invite you on November 15, Consecration Sunday, to support the continuing work of God in Christ Jesus through this congregation.

Sarah Ferguson

Stewardship Chair




The Compass Christian Church Leadership Retreat was held on Saturday, September 26th, in a Zoom format.  Twenty-one of the church leaders were involved, representing the church Board, MLT, and members of the Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Table groups.  Our focus started by discussing 2 passages of Scripture: Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 7:59 – 8:4, 11:19-21, 26 which you can review.  What do these mean for us today?  The purpose of this retreat was not to fulfill a goal as most Leadership Retreats do, rather it was to make a plan.  Today is different.  The challenges we face are different.  Covid being the most dramatic and pressing, but also changes in society itself and in religious life in general.

Covid shows us we are not in control.  It is not the sole reason for the change but is a wake-up call for us.  We are seeking to adjust.  We have adapted through Zoom meetings, recorded services, and outdoor events with social distancing.  It brings up the question, “What is essential for church regardless of circumstances?”  Relationships are key.  Today there are many different ways to keep in contact.  The digital revolution has happened and we aren’t going back.  The question is not whether to embrace technology, but how and what to bring along in our church toolkit.  We will be together in different ways.  Our former way of being a church is broken and we grieve its loss, the familiar.  It will never be the same again.

We talked about the crisis, which in Greek means separating, distinguishing, decision, choice, judgment.  In Chinese, it is a change point that could go either way.  This is the perfect time to make changes because everyone has already had to make changes.  Our perspectives can change.  This brings up the question as to what is our mission as a church?  Mission drives change.  Our mission statement needs to be revised.  How are we to identify ourselves in this new time and how are we to be of service to each other and to our larger community?  There may be new ways to be a community. There are likely to be new opportunities for us to exhibit the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is essential for us to explore.

We are adapting worship to better use technology and connect people through our hybrid service.  Can we also find innovations in education, outreach, fellowship, evangelism, spiritual care, hospitality, and other functions of being church?  The task ahead for this year is for the church Board, MLT leaders, and Elders to gather with their teams to address congregational needs and to meet people where they are (homes, jobs, neighborhoods, online).  We need to innovate, experiment, and hold each other accountable for what we agree to do.  God is sending us out to be a church, to do a mission, and to demonstrate the alternative values of His Kingdom in these spaces in which we live.

Steve Simmons



Welcome, New Member:

Frances Early

We welcomed Frances Early who joined Compass Christian Church on Sunday, October 18th by transfer of membership.

My name is Frances Early, Fran for short, and I am Maureen Mattern’s mother, Sarah Ferguson’s grandmother, and Matthew & Cameron Ferguson’s great-grandmother.  I have 2 other daughters, Pat (husband Dave) in Florida & Valerie in northern Ohio, but soon to be in Kettering. I have 6 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. My husband of 52 years, Chuck, passed away in 1997. While not a life-long Disciple, I have been a member of a Disciple congregation since 1961. I also worked as the bookkeeper for the Regional office of the Christian Church in Ohio for over 25 years. I was privileged to work with Dick Herrington, Jane’s husband, and Pete Smith. I am very happy to be back in Ohio and being able to worship with you in this new online way. I hope to get acquainted with many of you in the future.

 You can welcome her at 2022 Bridgewater Lane, Monroe, OH 45050-2527


Upcoming Events:

October 22 @ 6 p.m.

Faith Alliance Annual  Meeting

Please join us for our Annual Celebration & Partner Meeting! Please RSVP for the Zoom link.

Sunday, November 1               

All Saints Day

This Sunday we will honor Don Phillips and Rev. Larry Pigg. Please join us as we remember them and others who have touched our lives.

Tuesday, November 3rd

Election Day

Our church will be open to 3 precincts that day.

Thursday, November 5, noon

Pastor @ Zoom

Grab your lunch, a beverage of choice, and log in for a time to speak with the Pastor & others. Look on Facebook or weekly email for the link.

Friday, November 6, Due Date

Stockings for the Troops     

ITEMS RECOMMENDED: Baby Wipes, flavored drink powder sticks, hand sanitizer, lip balm, razors/refills, hand warmers, multivitamins, Vit. C drops, Tums, Maalox, Pepto Tabs, Hard Candy, Gum, beef jerky, Slim Jim, protein bars, hot chocolate, microwavable soup, pop tarts, playing cards, games, paperback books, puzzles, stationery, blank greeting cards or check out (for additional ideas) :

 DO NOT SEND lithium batteries, soap, glass containers, large size items, aerosol cans of any sort or used items. Deodorant and liquid items should be placed in separate ziplock bags.

 We still have a few stockings in the office if you want to pick up one to fill.

Items need to at Mueller Funeral Home by Friday, November 6th


Wednesday, November 11th

Veterans Day

We have many veterans in our congregation. Please take a moment in your day to thank them for their service.

The holiday honors all veterans of the United States armed forces.

A traditional observation is a moment of silence at 11 AM remembering those who fought for peace. (Commemorates the cease-fire in the 1918 armistice which was scheduled for “the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.”)  The day of recognition for Veterans of the Great War (World War I) on this date was first proclaimed by President Wilson on November 11th 1919. In May 1938, the 11th of November in each year was declared a legal holiday and was known as ‘Armistice Day’.  Information from


Sundays November 15 and 22 

Thanksgiving Offering

The Thanksgiving Offering supports Disciples colleges, universities, and theological institutions. Disciples have a long history of post-secondary and theological education. This offering provides a direct connection to 15 colleges and universities, 7 seminaries, and theological programs. Gifts from this offering continue the Disciples tradition of developing leaders for our communities and the Church. See a list of the colleges, universities, seminaries, foundations, and divinity houses.




Book Clubs

Women’s Bible Study Wednesdays @ 1:15 p.m.

Women’s Bible study will be meeting Wednesdays at 1:15 at the church while the weather is warm enough to meet outside. They will then go on hiatus until warmer weather comes back. Contact Katie B to be sure they are meeting or if you have any questions.

Book Discussion Wednesdays @ 6 p.m.

 Mark Feldmeir’s A House Divided: Engaging the Issues through the Politics of Compassion. Look for the link on our Facebook page.


  • 10/21  Chapter 3  Immigration
  • 10/28  Chapter 4  Healthcare
  • 11/04  Chapter 5  Medical Aid in Dying
  • 11/11  Chapter 6  Islamic Extremism
  • 11/18 Chapter 7   Homosexuality
  • 11/25 Chapter 8   Social Isolation & Suicide





Queen City Kitchen Bottled Water Drive Continues!

We are not serving at this time at OTR.  We are hoping to assist the other groups by collecting water for them.  Start your shopping for deals on cases of water.  The office will be open on Monday and Wednesday 9 – 1 for any deliveries.  We have collected 24 cases so far.  We will continue to collect water to help until we are back to serving



Looking Around


the Church

Upper Room Disciplines 2021

We have 7 Disciplines in the office for those who wish to have this daily devotional for their home.  The cost is $ 13.00.   

How important is it to have a daily spiritual routine? “When we engage in daily spiritual formation, we deepen our roots . . . and grow our capacity to handle any season of life,” Junius Dotson wrote in the 2018 edition of The Upper Room Disciplines. Daily devotional reading helps keep our faith alive.

Disciplines invite readers to spend unrushed time with God, reading a lectionary-based scripture passage, reflecting on the author’s insights, and thinking about how to apply the truths from the readings to their daily life. This devotional book features 53 authors from diverse backgrounds, including some of the leading Christian thinkers of our time.


 Advent Devotionals, Youth & Adult   

12 Days of Christmas Devotionals, Youth & Adult

 As a way to share Advent together we’re mailing these companion books for youth and adults. Pastor Troy & Debora Cook have teamed up to produce an addendum to continue our sharing all the way to Epiphany, January 6, 2021. Families with younger children will receive copies of the Chrismons for crafts as well as surprise crafts. We will have readers sign up on Google docs to read the devotional; coming soon. And each night at 7 p.m. starting Sunday, Nov. 29 we can meet together online to share our devotional.





Needed, Advent and Christmas Eve Readers

Would you be willing to read the Advent devotional for one night? Would you be willing to be an Advent candle readers or Christmas Eve reader? We will have a signup sheet via Google docs soon.  The media team is working on day and time for volunteers to come and be prerecorded.  Thank you for giving of your time to make this year’s Advent & Christmas Season special.


Live Nativity

Due to COVID-19, the board has decided that we will not hold the Live Nativity this year. We look forward to sharing this tradition with the community in 2021.


Church World Service

sent CCC Honor Certificates for CWS Tools and CWS Blankets donations. From January to June 2020 they distributed 1800 school kits, 1188 emergency cleanup buckets, 11640 hygiene kits, and 5800 blankets. Many of those blankets went to the Bahamas, Cuba, and Mexico


October 3, 2020

Sing along and S’mores



 New Landscape at CCC






November Prayers


  • Local:  For health care workers addressing a new surge in COVID cases.
  • Regional:  For those facing evictions and uncertainty with future COVID stimulus checks.
  • Worldwide:  For global collaboration to address climate change for a sustainable future.


Thank You’s

  •  Thank you to Steve S and others who worked with the landscapers to update the church grounds.
  •  Thank you to Abbey S. and Susan H. for leading at our Sing-Along & S’more event.
  •  Thank you, Ruth Phillips, Sally E., Pam H., Marlene P., Leeann W. for helping with putting the packets together for October.
  •  Thank you Dave L. for repairing the carpet
  • THANK YOU On Tuesday, September 29th, CCC volunteers provided desserts, helped prepare salads and chicken pot pie dinners in “to go” containers, distributed to guests waiting in the Faith Community parking lot, cleaned up pots, pans, and the kitchen area.THANKS Sally E, Dave Th, Nancy Th, Pam H, Ed V. The next S F Dinner will be on Tuesday, December 29th.
  •  IHN  Kirk, thank you for coordinating the volunteers at the church during the week of September 27th.  We are so blessed to have the support of your congregation and your pastoral leadership during this difficult time of Covid 19. Our homeless families were most grateful for the delicious meals and some activities for their children and youth which you provided.  Please know how much you are appreciated by our IHN staff and our team.
  • Thank You – Dear CCC, Our sincere thank you for your participation and generous donation for shipping toward the soldier project.  It’s so neat to see our community come together to make such a special event so successful.  We really appreciate your involvement and kindness.  The Mueller family, Jack, Lori, Sandy, Sara, and Ashley





Photo Gallery:



“On Being an Ambassador” (II Corinthians 5:16-21 Revelation 21:22-26) Sunday, July 26, 2020

Click HERE to view Scripture and Worship Slides

“On Being an Ambassador”

@Copyrighted by Rev. Dr. Troy Sybrant Sermon: “On Being an Ambassador” (II Corinthians 5:16-21 Revelation 21:22-26) Sunday, July 26, 2020

Click HERE if you do not see the attached YouTube video

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