Disciples Voice – Online Service, Mental Illness Support, Connecting with Neighbors and much more…

Service Online Only

Due to the latest increase in numbers for COVID 19, the board has chosen to continue our service as ONLINE ONLY at this time.

They are looking ahead to plan an outdoor service and fellowship time possibly in September if the weather cools down.

From our Children’s Education Leader – Weekly Online Materials

NEW! Weekly Activities for Youth

Parents, we’re creating weekly materials tied into that Sunday’s sermon for our younger ones! Please check the weekly Thursday email for either a pdf or a link for those materials. Please scroll all the way down for any attachments!

If you have other ideas for activities, please let me know. Thanks, Carol Y.

Children’s Moment for All Ages

Last Sunday, Pastor Troy shared the scripture about one body in 1 Corinthians 12: 2-19. Draw an outline of a body and cut it apart in pieces. Does it look like a whole body? Can it work as one body? Tape it back together, even use bandaids to hold it together! Now it has all its parts unless you forgot one! God never forgets a part of the body – ours or the Body of Christ! God has a place for each one of us and a job or gifts for each one of us. We need to work together with our gifts to be what God made us be and we need to work with others with the gifts God has given them. There are times when we don’t feel like we are a part of God’s plan but God heals us and helps us. Many times others do not feel like they belong. When we show God’s kindness, we show others that we value them as part of the body of Christ. Kindness heals others! It can cause a complete and drastic change! That means it is revolutionary, just like the song by Josh Williams, “Revolutionary”. by Carol Y.


They confessed that they were strangers and foreigners on the earth, for people who speak in this way make it clear that they are seeking a homeland. If they had been thinking of the land that they had left behind, they would have had an opportunity to return. But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God; indeed, he has prepared a city for them. Hebrews 11:13-16

Deep appreciation to our Reopening Task Force’s work in preparing policies and procedures to ensure we minimize risk when we reenter the building for Sunday worship. Special thanks as well to our Elders and Deacons for their work in being trained to implement those procedures. The work of both groups served us in good stead for the July 17 memorial service for Don Phillips. I am grateful to all who responded to our survey of worship preferences and for the feedback and alternate ideas generated from that survey for other options looking into the future. Thank you to each and all for your patience, understanding, ongoing prayers, and sustaining financial support as we continue following God’s lead into the new space we find ourselves in.

Here are the results of the worship survey. We had forty- three respondents. The first question asked, “As you consider your health and the health of loved ones, do you plan to join in-building worship when our building reopens? Twenty said “Yes” and twenty-three said “No.” The second question asked, “If an AM broadcast option was available that allowed you to listen to the service live while staying in your vehicle, would you prefer that option to in-building worship?” Twelve said “Yes” and thirty said “No.” The third question asked, “If neither the in-building worship nor AM broadcast option is your preference, we will have a later midweek posting of the Sunday service. Is that your preference?” Twenty-three said “Yes” and nineteen said “No.”

While not part of the survey, several ideas were generated for the future. We heard from a number of folks that live streaming on Sunday would be of interest to them. The church doesn’t currently have the bandwidth for such nor a camera to send a live signal to the internet. However, with the ingenuity of the Phillips-Frazier family, we were able to use a person’s unlimited data plan on their phone as a hotspot and had the right type of camera to Livestream Don Phillips’ service. Leadership is looking into upgrading the church’s bandwidth and pricing the camera needed for a live signal to the internet. This option is a plan for the future when we find ourselves able safely to have in-building worship.

Finally, I want to thank our volunteer teams, leaders, and staff for their flexibility and adaptability as we continue developing ways to connect, support, and encourage one another in the days, weeks, and months ahead. We are learning new skills and trying new approaches to embody God’s love for one another, our community, and the larger world. As a people we know we cannot return to the land we left behind, but are seeking a better homeland. I am profoundly grateful to be on that journey with you.

Giving Thanks: Reach Out Lakota and Faith Alliance Food Drive

Thank you so much to everybody who donated to my food drive last week! We were able to give more than 150 pounds of food to Reach Out

Lakota and Faith Alliance! I decided to organize this food drive because more and more people are facing food insecurity because of COVID-19, so donations are very important to help food pantries meet demands

and continue serving the community. If you missed the food drive, you could still bring food to Faith Alliance and Reach Out Lakota or donate online, as these organizations are always accepting donations. Thank you all very much for your support!

Sarah L.

REACH OUT LAKOTA is accepting donations of backpacks for Lakota students in need. Backpacks can be dropped off at 6561 Station Rd, West Chester, on Friday 7/24 from 10 am – 12 pm, or by calling to make other arrangements (513-779-7515). Any and all backpacks are greatly appreciated!! The biggest need, however, is for backpacks with a padded section to protect laptops for 7th-12th grade students.

Online donations are still being accepted here:
Please be sure to indicate your church affiliation!
Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

Giving Thanks: Juneteenth 

We appreciate all those who participated in our first Juneteenth event Thank you to those who joined us from the community: Organized and hosted our first Juneteenth celebration by partnering with Faith Alliance, Caring Community Collaborative, and the Ohio Poor People’s Campaign. We welcomed remarks from them as well as three local civic leaders of Mason & West Chester, three sister DOC churches in District 12, three Faith Alliance congregations, the Islamic Center, three youth from different faith communities, and CCC member Diane Andow to share their powerful stories. It was an excellent and timely event given our current moment. Special thanks to Sally Engle, Susan Hartman, and Steve Seitz for their support in making this possible. Also, to Dave Diehl for the gift of the banner. There were 102 in attendance, plus a praise group from Body of Christ CC.

A Note of Appreciation from Kim Hollon of Faith Alliance

To: Members of CCC who have served on our Stepping Forward team.

We miss seeing you! We hope this finds you spiritually and physically healthy. I want to thank you for your generous monetary support during this very interesting time. Your donations help to continue to provide meals to our community in need. The meals are served as taking out but this gives us the opportunity to have one on one interaction, conversation, and prayer with each family as they come through. Even masked up, we pray that the gleam in our eyes shows folks how welcome they are and how willing we are to walk with them at a different time. Thank you for your investment in our community! We are blessed to walk with you as a family in the Body of Christ.

Love, Kim Hollon, and the Faith Alliance Stepping Forward Team.

Thank You!

Thank you, Rev. Dr. Perry M., for stepping up to be the chair of our Elder committee.

Thank you to all who supported the food drive!

Thank you for your continued support to CCC during this unique time in the history of the church.

Helping Hands: Reach Out to Our Neighbors

Have you talked with the person you usually sit near at church? Have you sent a note to someone who is homebound to let them know you are praying for them? Have you taken a meal to someone who cannot get out but would love to have a Wendy’s sandwich? Is there someone who needs yard work done in this terrible heat but cannot do themselves? Yes, as the body of Christ we can reach out in simple ways to our neighbors at our home address or our neighbors from the church. We would love to share how you and your family were able to reach out during this unusual year and bless those around us.

Helping Hands: Queen City Kitchen Bottled Water Drive!

  • Both locations are currently open for limited services

  • At Walnut Hills – pre-packaged groceries are available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 1 pm and a hot meal is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 12 pm to 1 pm.

  • At Walnut Hills – Weekend meal services available Saturdays from 3 pm to 4 pm and Sundays from 5 pm to 6 pm.

  • At OTR – Weekend meal services available Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 1 pm.

  • Weekend Warriors given option to come in to serve or postpone or donate in lieu of service.

We are not serving at this time at OTR. We are hoping to assist the other groups by collecting water for them. Start your shopping for deals on cases of water. The office will be open on Monday and Wednesday 9 1 for any deliveries.

Helping Hands: NAMI Online Support Groups

  • NAMI Family Support is for family and close friends of someone with a diagnosed mental disorder or suspected mental disorder. This group provides adults an opportunity to share and learn from others’ experiences. NAMI groups are led by trained facilitators who have experienced similar to yours.


Thursday at 6:30 pm

Meeting ID (Zoom App): 278-754-088 Password: 626422 Join URL (computer access):


  • NAMI Connection is a peer-facilitated group for adults living with mental illness which provides an opportunity to share challenges, strategies, and successes with others who understand. Groups are led by NAMI-trained facilitators who have similar experiences.


Monday at 6:00 pm

Meeting ID (Zoom App): 704-267-229 Password: 626422 Join URL (computer access):

Wednesday at 12:30 pm

Meeting ID (Zoom App): 855-603-732 Password: 626422 Join URL (computer access):

Thursday at 5:00 pm

Meeting ID (Zoom App): 792-385-021 Password: 626422 Join URL (computer access):

Friday at 2:00 pm

Meeting ID (Zoom App): 140-710-852 Password: 626422 Join URL (computer access):

Please check our website for a telephone log-in or for additional information at You may also contact Bernie Murray, NAMI Program Director at

Book Discussion

Starts Wed. Aug. 12, 6 p.m.

Our next book will be Carolyn B. Helsel’s “Anxious to Talk About It: Helping White Christians Talk Faithfully about Racism.” Order a copy today from Chalice and support our denominational publisher. The date we are looking at is Aug. 12th @ 6 p.m.

Father’s Day Gifts

Contributions to CWS Tools mean Church World Service will be ready to help people around the world gain the resources and develop the skills necessary to sustain themselves and their families and to build viable communities.

Gifts are given in Honor of Fathers:

RANDELL CALDWELL given by Jesse Carver, Cloe Caldwell; BILL DAGUE & BOB DAILEY given by Lyle & Laura Dailey; LYLE DAILEY given by Laura Dailey; BILL DIEHL by Dave & Lee Ann Diehl; Carol

& Rick Yarborough; BILL LANDERS & SCOTT FERGUSON given by Perry & Maureen Mattern; KEN PERDUE & JEFFREY S PERDUE given by Marlene Perdue; BRENTEN D JARRETT & DAVID JARRETT

given by Marlene Perdue; JEFF NEAL & JOE RICHTER is given by Marlene Perdue; DEVON STRIBLING by Deci, Elora, Leo, Ty & Alanna Stribling; EUGENE SYBRANT & GREGORY DONNENWERTH given by Amy Donnenwerth, Troy & Abbey Sybrant; TROY SYBRANT is given by Amy Donnenwerth, Abbey Sybrant; Rick Yarborough gave by Jeanne Stribling, Jenne Caldwell, Jenae McKnight, C J Yarborough

Gifts are given in Memory of Fathers:

CHALMERS A MATTERN & CHARLES C EARLY, JR. given by Perry & Maureen Mattern; DON MILBURN given by Milburn & Nolte Families; HOBART H PERDUE, EMERY J SMITH & JOSEPH H PERDUE given by Marlene Perdue; BUFORD DURBIN & IVAN WOOD given by Wilma Wood.

Don Phillips

December 15, 1936 – July 9, 2020

Our heartfelt condolences to and prayers for Ruth, Laura, Bob, Missy, John, Sue, Scott, Emily, Tim, Carrie, Sarah, Jackson, Sydney, Amanda, and Desmond.


Disciples Voice – June Edition Juneteenth, Poor People’s Campaign Live stream, Virtual Camp

Friday, June 19th, 7–8:30 pm.

Compass Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ) is hosting a Juneteenth community vigil on Friday, June 19, from 7–8:30 pm. It will take place in our field, socially distanced.

Masks are required. Bring a blanket or lawn chair.

We will remember the past, reflect on the present, and recommit to a future of freedom and justice for all. This event is open to the entire community, of all (or no) faiths, to remember the struggle for freedom and justice is ongoing, and to pray for the healing of our nation and world. There will be music, reflections, prayers, and silence.

We are grateful for the partnership of the Faith Alliance, Caring Community Collaborative (C3), and the OH Poor People’s Campaign. We welcome other faith & community leaders.

2020-2021 Church Nominations

THE VOTE IS IN! There were 50 votes received by the deadline on Sunday for the 2020-2021 slate of officers, and they were all YES! The slate passed officially! As soon as we can get back into the building for worship together, we’ll have an installation ceremony. Congratulations to all the incoming officers and many thanks to the outgoing officers.

Steve Se

From our Treasurer

You can mail checks to our address or have your bank automatically send one; the Post Office is holding our mail. Please designate general and capital funds. Our address is 6771 Tylersville Road, Mason, OH 45040.

If you use our PayPal option, please notify Rich E to designate funds. Thank you for your support. If questions, please ask. Pam H., Treasurer

Reopening our Building July 19!!

The Reopening Task Force—Sally Engle, Susan Hartman, Mike Lyons, Steve Seitz, Steve Simmons, Troy Sybrant, Carol Yarborough—has been meeting weekly since May.

We’ve compiled and reviewed federal and state guidelines and best practices, insurance recommendations, ours, and other denominational resources to craft a plan tailored for our congregation.

We’ll be sharing the new policies and procedures soon. We can’t wait to see you there!

Poor People’s Campaign Livestream Invitation


The Mass Poor

People’s Assembly and Moral March on Washington is a 2.5-hour program that will be

broadcast on Saturday, June 20 at 10 am and 6 pm EST, and again on Sunday, June 21 at 6 pm EST.

You can register here:


Ah, you who make iniquitous decrees, who write oppressive statutes, to turn aside the needy from justice and to rob the poor of my people of their right, that widows may be your spoil, and that you may make the orphans your prey! Isaiah 10:1-2

An unprecedented wave of protests for racial justice has swept the United States and the globe since the modern-day lynching of George Floyd on Memorial Day. This is radically shifting public opinion about the need to address systemic racism and Black Lives Matter in American public life.

But the new nation being born in our streets must reckon with four centuries of systemic inequality. The public murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police furnished the spark and years of police violence caught on cell phone videos stacked up like dry tinder to fuel the fire that rages in our spirits. This is about more than policing.

The question before us is whether America can be what it has promised to be.

The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival is sending an OPEN LETTER to our Nations’ lawmakers on Systematic Racism calling on Congress to pass policies that dismantle systemic racism and implement a reconstruction plan for our country. Please sign on and share. We have been facing the pandemic of systemic racism for too long. We have the right to protect ourselves and our communities from a system that is killing us. We will not stop until we can all breathe.

(You can view Dr. William Barber’s sermon “America, Accepting Death is Not An Option Anymore” here: Delivered at the Washington National Cathedral in D.C. last Sunday, June 14. Start at 49:40 for his message.)

If we cannot shift in this pandemic as a nation, and become more merciful and less greedy, and juster and less unjust, then God help us. One germ, one little germ, has shown that it can shut down this whole nation and the world. One little germ, united with itself, has shown what it can do.

And if we can’t that at this moment, there’s not a bomb that can blow it out, and there’s not a

bullet that can shoot it out, there’s not a stock market that can buy it out. None of that.

The only way we make it through this—and we come out better—is if we find our way together, we lift everybody. Join us this Saturday, June 20, for the Mass Poor People’s Assembly and Moral March on Washington.

Digital Justice Gathering:  Forward Together,

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II President and Senior Lecturer Repairers of the Breach

Wednesday Night Book Discussion

Author Max Lucado’s subtitle is “Finding Calm in a Chaotic World.” Max asks, “Do you feel weighed down with worry?” We have a Zoom discussion on Wednesdays at 6 pm.

Our schedule:

  • 6/17—Chapter 9
  • 6/24—Chapter 10
  • 7/1—Chapter 11

Next Movie Discussion Sun. June 28, 5 pm.

Based on the 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights marches, This film is free on YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon Prime.

Please watch, and we’ll discuss it online. Zoom link to follow.

Thank You: Sunday School Instructors

Thank you to Katie B, Zach B, Leann W, Nancy T

Thank You: Worship & Wonder Instructors

Thank You to Katie B, Zach B, Sarah F, Abbey S, Carol Y, Betty B, Diane K Sally E, Lora B, Camryn B, Sue T, Sarah A.

Thank You from Reach Out Lakota

Thank you for feeding families in need of your generous donation of $100.00. Your support is undoubtedly making a difference in the lives of our clients, and you are remembered.

Thank You: Property Crew and Helpers

Thank you to Bill A. for all his work on the church property esp. the landscaping of the islands. We can’t forget the others who come to help mow and weed, Dave D, C.J. Y, Sally E., Laura D, Abbey & Troy S, Alice W.

Children’s Moment for all Ages

Have you ever felt afraid because you didn’t know what to do or what was going to happen? Have you ever been afraid to do something for the first time? Read about three people in the Bible – Exodus 3: 1-17, 1 Samuel 17: 4-51, and Daniel 6:6-23. Moses, David, and Daniel were not famous, did not come from wealthy families, and did not think they were born for greatness. God called them each to a specific job, a job they had not planned on doing, or had been trained to do. God called them to stand up for what they believe and asked them to trust Him. Moses was not a good speaker, but God helped him to talk Pharaoh into letting the

Hebrews go. David was just a shepherd boy, and yet he defeated a giant whom everyone feared. Daniel was a slave, and again by staying steadfast in his faith in worshiping God, God saved him from the den of lions. God had a plan for each one. God had a place for each one to be. God rewarded each one for his faithfulness.

Moses got to carry messages from God to the Hebrews and lead the people to the promised land. David became a great king and an ancestor of Jesus. Daniel served in a foreign king’s court and helped change the laws so that they could worship the one and only living God. But these people did not do it alone or without doubts. God will help you when you are afraid of face doing something new because He loves you and will help you become who He has made you be. Go back to these Bible stories! Read the full story of each so you can see how God helped them through. Check out this song by Sanctus Real

Camp Christian – Virtual Camp

Our directors have done an incredible job of brainstorming, sharing resources, and coming up with some creative alternatives so that anyone who wants to will be able to share in our programs this summer! Using a virtual-camp portal, we will be sharing in camp songs, lessons, quest groups, keynotes, evening vespers services, and even hoe-downs, talent shows!

We will be following the condensed camp schedule that was provided at the beginning of April when we were exploring alternative options for camp this summer. It is as follows:

  • CYF – July 5-11
  • Chi Rho – July 12-18, Jr. Camp – July 19-25
  • Advance – July 26-August 2

Most of the programming provided for the week of camp will include videos, music, and documents that will be available for you to use and view at your leisure, or even after the week is done. However, some of the activities will be held at specific times and dates (i.e., a Zoom small group gathering or cabin meeting), so it will still be essential to try and be available for your specific week of programming.

Those who have already sent in an RSVP to camp have already received this email. If you have not previously RSVP’d, you will need to email with the following information:

  • Camper Name
  • Grade the Camper just completed (or age if you are out of high school)
  • The email address that is best to send log-in information for the virtual camp portal

When you send in that information, for registering the virtual-camp portal, an email to confirm your log-in information so that you can take part in the activities. You will also get a follow-up email from the director(s) of your particular week to welcome you to your specific week of online programming. Questions? Need Help? Please reach out to Alan at

Seeking Camp Song or Camp Memory Submissions

The office would love to have your family perform a camp song or share memory so we can share it with the congregation. Please forward it to the office or Carol Y. Thank you to the Baird family and the song “Sweetly Sings the Donkey”.

Way to Go Graduates!!

Andrew Lyons graduated summa cum laude from William Mason High School on May 24, 2020. He will be attending Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois studying Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences.

Abbey Sybrant, a National Honor Society member, graduated with high honors from Lakota East High School on May 30, 2020. She will attend Wright State University, focusing on education with an emphasis on math and science. She also plans to continue dance and choir.

Angie Hill graduated from the University of Phoenix in May 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Business Science concentrated in Project Management. Currently, she is working on a few different certifications to build a stronger resume. Her future goal is to work for a leading company as a Project Manager and oversee as many projects as possible. She is so proud to be a mother, wife, and College graduate!

Outreach: Queen City Kitchen (QCK) Update

OTR – Serving hot meals provided through the Weekend Warrior program

Walnut Hills – Serving hot meals provided through the Weekend Warrior program; hot meals provided Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays; Choice pantry is open Tuesdays and Thursdays. New ServicesFriday for families: hot meal served Friday 5 -6 p.m; yoga, career services, and counseling.

Outreach: Reach Out Lakota Back to School Program

(Online or Mail-in Donations Only)

The Reach Out Lakota Annual Back to School Supply Drive is Under Way! Please donate by JULY 19, 2020.

Your generosity helps ensure that all children in Lakota Local Schools – especially those struggling financially – start the school year with the tools they need to succeed. Donating online at or CLICK HERE to go directly to DONATE page

**select “Back to School” when giving online or mail checks to:

Reach Out Lakota School Supplies, PO Box 362, West Chester, Ohio 45071

Why just a donate button?

2020 has brought many changes to our lives and is, not surprisingly, bringing changes to the Back to School Program as well. School supply requests are changing, what the school district will provide to students is changing, how the school day will look is changing, etc.

One thing not changing is that students in our community will still have needs. And our goal is always to ensure that this fall, every student has the tools they need to succeed. With this in mind, our program is asking for your financial support in place of specific school supplies this year. Your monetary donations will enable us to fill student’s needs as they become more precise and more defined.

From Christian Church Foundation

A charitable gift annuity provides dependable, predictable payments to you for your lifetime, and it funds a legacy gift to your favorite ministry at your death. As a bonus, establishing a charitable gift annuity can provide income tax benefits for donors who itemize deductions on their income tax returns. Charitable gift annuity rates are decreasing on July 1, 2020, so those who are interested may want to establish their gift annuity before that date.

If you are interested in a charitable annuity, go to Facebook at

New Books Coming to Our Library Corner

The following books have been ordered and will arrive in our church library soon. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and our children on what is happening in our country & why.

  • March by John Lewis & others is a 3 book, graphic series on the history of the Civil Rights Movement. While written especially for teens, it gives an excellent retelling of what happened by those who lived the events.
  • This Book is Anti-Racist: 20 Lessons on How to Wake Up, Take Action and Do the Work by Tiffany Jewel is also geared for teens, but has information we all need.
  • How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi will lead us on the path to being the people God expects us to be-true neighbors of all.
  • SoYou Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo is an “accessible take on the racial landscape in America, addressing head-on such issues as privilege, police brutality, intersectionality, micro-aggressions, the Black Lives Matter movement,” and more. (quote from Amazon review)

If you have books that you would like to loan or donate to the church library on this or other topics, please contact Maureen M.

A Call to Action: The Time is Now!

From the College of regional ministers

Dear Members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada,

How long, O God, will you hide from sight? Remember that I shall not live forever.” Ps 89:46-7These last few weeks, the psalmist’s cry is heard in our land, “How long, OLord?”

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, the latest African American to die by police violence, the people of the United States, indeed the entire world, moan in grief and burn with anger. George Floyd’s name is added to a long list of unarmed Black and Brown people, including Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, who have died by actions taken by police officers or vigilantes in the past few decades and indeed centuries.

We are reminded that on July 17, 2014, Eric Garner was arrested in New York City, where a chokehold smothered him. Hauntingly similar to George Floyd, Garner was heard to be saying, “I can’t breathe” eleven times before losing consciousness and dying an hour later.

In 2015, the College of Regional Ministers wrote to you, the Church, about race and racism in America in the shadow of similar events, expressing our concerns and laying out a plan of action for our Church to follow to move forward in our work of becoming a Pro-Reconciling/Anti-Racist Church. We ask ourselves if our words made any difference if anything has changed? Because on May 25, 2020, as we heard

George Floyd on an 8-minute 46-second video gasping “I can’t breathe” as a police officer kneeled on his neck, we know we must speak to you again with our hearts broken and our resolve strengthened.

This must stop. Black Lives Matter!

We, as your Regional Ministers, cry out with those who mourn, take to the streets with those who march, and support those who seek to make changes in our world so that every beloved child of God will have the chance to breathe freely, and together pursue justice, equity, and dignity throughout the land. And, in do- ing so, may we see the face of God.

May it be so.

The College of Regional Ministers of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada

Click to access June-2020-College-of-Regional-Ministers-Letter-longer-version.pdf


The Disciples Voice December Edition

CLICK HERE to view the Newletter in PDF format

Mission & Ministry

Tuesday Women’s Bible Study  will NOT meet November 26 or December 24, 31


  • “A Song of Hope” – first in sermon series


  •  5 7:00 p.m. Cincinnati Civic Orchestra  Mystical Russian Holiday Traditions

Continuing the 91st season theme Traveling the Globe with the CCO, we hope you’ll join us for the Holiday Concert. Featuring Reed & McAlister’s Russian Christmas Music, Anatole Lladov’s Religious Song and selections from Peter Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Suite. Besides, we’ll hear Tchaikovsky’s Noel from The Seasons and his March of the Tin Soldiers which will be played with Pierne’s March of the Little Lead Soldiers and the March of the Toys from Victor Herbert’s Babes in Toyland.

The orchestra will celebrate Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving Medley by the CCO’s Edward F. Howard. The concert will open with Leroy Anderson’s Sleigh Ride and conclude with Festive Sounds of Hanukkah and Leroy Anderson’s A Christmas Festival, performed in the original, uncut, 1951 Boston Pops premiere edition.


  • 6 7:00 p.m. First Friday Female Fellowship; Brixx @9640 Mason Montgomery Rd. Outstanding fellowship. Prices Reasonable. Good Food!  See Alice W. for questions and to RSVP.


  • 8 “A Song of Peace”; Special music by the Handbell Choir; Reach Out Lakota Gifts due back this Sunday!


  • 13 10:00 to noon West Chester Book Club Potluck & Christmas Party

We will review the book “Ghost Gone Wild” by Carolyn Hart.

Bailey Ruth loves to return to earth as an emissary from Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions. But she’s a bit of a loose cannon and not high on the go-to list for assignments. So she’s surprised to find herself in Adelaide, Oklahoma, just in time to save Nick Magruder from a bullet. But after materializing to reassure him, she can’t go back. It turns out she’s been tricked by Nick’s late aunt into helping snare the person who wants him dead.


  • 14  4:00-7:00 p.m. Live Nativity

Bethlehem  Characters Needed – Sign Up; Ten Thousand Villages, Live Animals, Refreshments, Music, Nativity Sets

  • 15 “A Song of Joy”


  • 22 “A Song of Love”


  • 24   5:00 p.m. Christmas Eve Service

“Breads of Bethlehem” Come discover how different pieces of bread in the Bible foretell the coming of the Christ Child. We’ll share Scripture, Carols, Communion, and Candles.



  • 29A Song of Faith”


  • 31 5:00 p.m. Stepping Forward;  THANK YOU” On October 29th CCC volunteers prepared dinner, made salads, desserts, washed pots, pans, dishes, packed leftovers for the guests to take home, cleaned the kitchen, serving area, and dining room, providing 193 deserving members of our community.

THANKS” to Linda B, Sally E, Perry & Maureen M, Pam H, Gerry W, Dave Th, Dave T, Jamie B, RC F, Linda H, & Ed V.  


  • Jan 5 “A Song of Grace”

Reach Out with Helping Hands

How Can I Help? Outreach Ministries

Christmas Offering  Dec. 15 & 22

Our finest gifts support the work of regional ministries this Christmas. Your regional ministry works to:

  • Connect congregations to each other
  • Foster faith development
  • Gather Disciples in camps, conferences, and assemblies
  • Nurture the development of a new generation of pastors
  • Assist churches in calling new ministers
  • Interpret the global mission of the Church
  • Represent the Church in ecumenical gatherings
  • Counsel and pray with those who are troubled of spirit
  • Lead the Church to address racism
  • Inspire leaders to experiment and create
  • Witness to the power of God to make things new

The Christmas Special Day offering supports all of these and many other ministries of our regions.  Please give generously to this special offering.

Angel Tree for Reach Out Lakota

30 Tags to choose from

Program Guidelines – purchase one new gift valued at $30 or more for each child sponsored. Tags will indicate whether the gift is for a boy or a girl and their age.  Please include batteries. Avoid purchasing clothing, stuffed animals, or combination gifts unless they are related (baseball and glove).  Please attached the donor tag to each UNWRAPPED gift. Any monetary gifts checks can be made out to the “Reach Out Lakota Holiday Giving Program”. Gift cards are welcome.

Bring gifts to church no later than Sunday, December 8th. Thank you in advance for helping out this great ministry, and making a child’s Christmas special.

Questions, contact Mairi H.

Picture from Dec. 3, 2017 – Gifts given for Angel Tree

Alternative Christmas


We are gift-giving people. This Christmas season and all year long, any gift to Global Ministries can be shared as an Alternative Gift to honor a loved one while participating in the witness of God’s global mission.

Global Ministries will send your loved one a card sharing the news of the gift you’ve made.

100% of your gift is sent to programs involved in the initiative of your choosing without administrative or banking fees taken out.

To participate in this sharing of God’s abundant life you can give online or send a check to:

Global Ministries
Office of Resource Development
P.O. Box 1986
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Please indicate the name and address of your honoree(s) and the designation you have chosen.

We can either send you a special Global Ministries card for each person that you give an alternative gift to,

or we can send the card directly to the person(s). If you give your gift online,

you also have the option of sending an e-card to your honoree(s).

Interested in receiving a printed copy of the Alternative Giving Catalog?

Call 317-713-2555 or email



During the Southern Asia Initiative, Global Ministries is highlighting Alternative Gifts

for the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB) as they offer organic farming workshops

and support for women and families amid extreme climate changes.

Caring for creation and becoming more resilient to climate change is a priority of Global Ministries partner,

Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh.

All are welcome to participate in the Southern Asia Initiative this Christmas by making Alternative Gifts

for the Enhancing Climate Change Resilience project of the CCDB.

A gift of $15 could provide a workshop for one family
A gift of $50 could provide new tools for a farming family
A gift of $100 could provide a rainwater harvesting container

Join us in caring for the creation of this Alternative Christmas!
To learn more about the CCDB climate change resilient agriculture project, continue reading here
To honor a loved one with an Alternative Gift to support this project, you may do so here

Learn more about the Global Ministries Southern Asia Initiative


A Gift of General Support

Your general support of the work of Global Ministries is critical as it enables every relationship and ministry mentioned on this page.

Whether through the sending and receiving of mission personnel, building global partnerships,

providing educational events, or planning pilgrimages to visit the ministries of partners,

Global Ministries relies on gifts like yours to make these opportunities possible.

Unrestricted gifts allow Global Ministries to provide international expertise and an important pastoral presence,

globally engaging the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ.

Additionally, your gifts are a significant witness in walking with global partners through challenges and joys in all parts of the world.

Global Ministries also connects congregations more closely with international partners through the creation of new and engaging materials. With your support, new curriculums have been created for children, youth and adult groups that lead to a fuller understanding of God’s mission in the world and invites deeper participation.

These materials are freely available on the newly redesigned Global Ministries website,

which is intentionally partner-focused to connect you directly with the joys and concerns of international partners.

Give a gift where it is needed most


Give a Themed Gift




Looking Backwards:

Giving Thanks and Blessings

Cara R ~ On behalf of Compass Christian Church, we appreciate the care and

professionalism you’ve extended to our youngest ones over these past years.


8 brave and beautiful people showed up to REFIT Sunday! I thank God for each one! Special shout out to Sarah Ferguson for all her media and caring

assistance! I appreciate the church allowing us to use the space and continued prayer for where/ when to provide class in 2020. Laura D.

On behalf of the staff & Board of Directors, I want to thank you for the $250.00 donation on Oct. 1, 2019, to Faith Alliance of West Chester and Liberty Township. We are very grateful for your congregation’s support!

Your generous donation helps us to serve as the Collaborative Hands and Feet of Christ in our community by leading, organizing and sustaining such ministries as the Summer Lunch Program, Summer ESL and Literacy Program, Feed our Neighbors in Need and the “Help a Child in Need Succeed” Backpack Drive.

We are grateful for your generosity and partnership! Blessings Tiffany Gehrlich

West Chester Faith Alliance

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Interfaith Hospitality Network of Warren County, I want to thank you for your help

during this past week. Without the support of churches such as you, we would not be able to serve the people of our community who are in need and without a home. Your generous support has touched many lives.

Since our inception in October 1998 Interfaith has assisted more than 602 families in finding affordable housing, employment, and daycare. Our families come to us without homes or hope. When the family leaves, they have found housing, employment, education, and daycare. Mostly, they have found the love of God through your time and kindness.

Thank you goes to those who came out on Nov. 16th to get the stable built for the Live Nativity.

Zach & Katie B., Lindsay B., Lyle D., Dave D., Rich E., Bob P., Steve Se., Chris S., Troy S.

Many thanks to all those who contributed to our RefugeeWelcome Baskets. We collected items for one kitchen welcome basket and two-bedroom welcome baskets, with a total of 40 items collected. The items were taken to Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio, where they will be given to refugees new to America as they begin the process of resettling in Cincinnati.

Stepping Forward “THANKS” to Linda B, Sally E, Perry & Maureen M, Pam H, Gerry W, Dave Th, Dave T, Jamie B, RC F, Linda H, & Ed V. for helping serve dinners at this stepping forward ministry.

Thank you to our guest speaker on the 24th of November, James Blevins, for sharing your heartfelt testimonial.



Thank you for all that participated in the “Hanging of the Greens”, we truly appreciate all your efforts.

The Summer Lunch and ESL & Literacy Programs had their biggest year yet. 14,880 meals were served over 46 days. This is the highest number of meals in the shortest number of days. Also, 30 children received continued education in reading skills to prevent summer slides. This was all made possible with the help of volunteers from 22 churches, 26 schools, and 4 organizations, for a total of over 2100 volunteer hours.

Christian Church in Ohio

Christian Church in Ohio has established budgets for 2020 for both Camp Christian and the Region, as well as a Narrative Budget. I’m pleased to present a balanced budget that is cautiously optimistic. If we are to deliver this budget we will need to ensure that camp registrations DO NOT decline further. We feel this is achievable but we will need your support.

Please go to Christian Church in Ohio for the information.

There is now a Camp Christian Committee website as well as Social Media pages!! Please check out AND FOLLOW these pages to keep up with the work of, and communications from the Camp Christian Committee.

*Website is *Facebook and Twitter @mycampchristian; *Instagram mycampchristian

These pages will haveconstant movement about the Who, What, When, Where, and Why about Camp Christian from the work being done by the volunteers who make up the Camp Christian Committee.

Here we go on this new path to doing new things in order to bring new life, energy, and resources to Camp Christian!


Finally,beloved,whateveris true,whateverishonorable,whateverisjust,whateveris pure,whateverispleasing,whateveris commendable,ifthereis anyexcellenceand ifthereisanythingworthyofpraise,thinkaboutthesethings. Philippians 4:8

With Thanksgiving approaching, please accept my thanks for the 10th-anniversary celebration as senior pastor at CCC on September 8. Thanks too for cards, gifts, notes, and words of support to me and family during October’s pastoral appreciation month.

Here is a sampling of moments from our timeline panels of 2012.

“We don’t study history to find out what happened but to discover who we are. Our history isn’t a static record of the past, but a compass for our future.

Before there was ever a congregation, land, or building there was a community where God was already working. The Region and this congregation cooperated with God’s intention of reaching those without a church home in this suburban context. We must continue paying careful attention to that context asking, ‘What is God doing?’ and of ourselves, ‘What does God want to do?’

We have shared some significant milestones this decade. Launching adult study groups. Refinancing our mortgage to address deferred maintenance.

Voting to become a “congregation in transformation” joining regional and general efforts. Supporting campers rising through the ranks at Camp Christian. Joining the Faith Alliance to help address community needs with other congregations. Saying farewell and welcome to different ministry and office staff.

Painting a mural that tells the story of salvation from the shores of Genesis to the dock of the New Jerusalem. Expanding our Live Nativity. Starting Children Worship & Wonder. Changing our name. Raising up three new pastors and commissioning a missionary to Haiti. Fielding youth and adult mission trips, our first international one this year. Discovering what an open heart/mind/table congregation means.

Our founding mission continues to form our future, one you are invited to help create. There is history yet to be written, and you are invited to be part of it.

Remembering the best of who we ready us for the best that’s yet to come!


The Disciples Voice – August / September Edition

Click HERE to see the newsletter in PDF format (in its entire format)

Calendar at a Glance:


24 Regional Council Meeting @ Camp Christian 9 A.M. TO 3 P.M.

25 “The Call of Christ” LaFwa Mission Trip; come celebrate as mission trippers talk about their experiences
28 7:00 p.m. Worship and Wonder training;  for New and Experienced Greeters and Story Tellers.

The training will begin with a review of responsibilities and then we will go to the Worship and Wonder room to participate in Worship and Wonder together. Please let Carol Y. know if you will be attending. Anyone considering volunteering but wanting more information can also come to the training to see if is something they would like to do!


1 Blood Pressure Check post service approx 11:45am; Lacey S. will be in the pantry area to check
blood pressure. Drop on by!

2 Labor Day Office Closed; Reds Game & Faith Concert @ GABP

3 7:00 p.m. Elders Meeting
4 6:30 p.m. Handbell Choir; 7:30 p.m. CCC Choir
5 Noon Pastor @ Panera Bread, VOA
6 First Friday Female Fellowship – see Alice W. for details

8 Fall Kick-Off

10 7:00 p.m. MLT & Board Meetings

13 10:00 am West Chester Activity Center Book Club



For grieving of 10 killed, healing of 27 injured in 8/4 Dayton shooting, and concerted local, state, and federal efforts to address gun violence.


For OH State University’s Rural & Farm Stress Task Force helping farmers with slumping grain prices, tariffs, and extremely challenging weather.


For Afghanistan’s peace process and America’s military involvement since 2001.

Member in the News:

Debora C. has been Tremont Institute’s summer artist-in-residence since 2007 and has contributed countless illustrations and other works of art to

Celebrate 50 years of Tremont Institute during a special exhibit of her work inspired by her time at Tremont and Great Smoky Mountains National
Park. The exhibit will be at the Townsend Visitor Center August 19–29!

Youth and Education:

Worship and Wonder:

begin on September 8th. Children from Kindergarten to Third/Fourth Grade are invited to go with the Worship and Wonder Greeter to the Modular immediately following the Children’s Sermon. Parents can pick up their children thereafter worship. Worship and Wonder is a special worship time just for our children to practice being in a quiet place with God, hear one of God’s stories, spend time talking to God, share in a feast (small snack), and sing worship songs.

The first two weeks of Worship and Wonder are dedicated to preparing ourselves for the Worship and Wonder experience by practicing the ways we can talk to God.

Each Worship and Wonder time has a Story Teller who leads the time together, a Materials Greeter who helps the children choose ways to “work” with materials as their time of talking to God, and a Feast Greeter who serves the Feast. Both Greeters help the children have the best Worship and Wonder experience possible.

We are always looking for volunteers to help as Greeters or Story Tellers! Please see Carol Y. or Katie B. if you are interested!

New and Experienced Greeters and Story Tellers should attend a Worship and Wonder training on Wednesday, August 28th, at 7:00 PM in the Youth Room. The training will begin with a review of responsibilities and then we will go to the Worship and Wonder room to participate in Worship and Wonder together. Please let Carol Y. know if you will be attending. Anyone considering volunteering but wanting more information can also come to the training to see if is something they would like to do!

Want to know more about the Disciples of Christ Children’s Worship and Wonder please watch the following video:

Sunday School

will be kicking off on September 8th as well! Watch and listen for more information! Please pray for God’s direction as we plan for Sunday School that will meet the needs of our church!

Activities for the Youth

will also be kicking off soon, We are asking families to sign up to plan one activity for a month. More information will be coming on this as well! Katie and Zach B. have graciously volunteered to plan our first family and youth event! Who will volunteer for
the next time?

Coming to Theaters on August 23rd film Overcomer
From producers of Facing the Giants

Life changes overnight for coach John Harrison when his high school basketball team’s state championship dreams are crushed under the weight of unexpected news. When the largest manufacturing plant in town suddenly shuts down and hundreds of families begin moving away, John must come to grips with the challenges facing his family and his team. Urged by the school’s principal to fill-in and coach a sport he doesn’t know or like, John is frustrated and questioning his worth… until he crosses paths with a student struggling with her own journey.

The inspiring family film stars Alex Kendrick, Priscilla Shirer, Shari Rigby, Cameron Arnett, and introduces Aryn Wright-Thompson.

Are You Interested in a Discussion Group this fall? Book Canoeing the Mountains…

Canoeing the Mountains provided a foundation for a discussion led by Pastor Troy at the recent leadership retreat. If you are interested in further
exploration and discussion of this book, please email Annmarie L. at and let her know your preference for the day, evening, or weekends.

If there is enough interest, we hope to form one or more groups in the fall. All church members are welcome!

See description below for book details.

Explorers Lewis and Clark had to adapt. While they had prepared to find a waterway to the Pacific Ocean, instead they found themselves in the Rocky
Mountains. You too may feel that you are leading in a cultural context you were not expecting. You may even feel that your training holds you back more often than it carries you along.

Drawing from his extensive experience as a pastor and consultant, Tod Bolsinger brings decades of expertise in guiding churches and organizations
through uncharted territory. He offers a combination of illuminating insights and practical tools to help you reimagine what effective leadership looks like in our rapidly changing world. If you’re going to scale the mountains of ministry, you need to leave behind canoes and find new navigational tools. Now expanded with a study guide, this book will set you on the right course to lead with confidence and courage.

Upper Room Disciplines 2020

Yes, the year is half over and we are looking ahead. The Upper Room has asked for us to give them a number of Disciplines we want for the new
year. Please advise the office of your interest. The cost will be $15.00 (price plus shipping). Large print can be ordered if requested for a couple of dollars more. RSVP to the office by Sept. 15th.



Looking Back and Giving Thanks and Praise:

Queen City Kitchen

On July 24 it looked like we were short on volunteers for Queen City Kitchen to serve a hot meal. Kurt Fr. asked and you stepped up. He had to send a few volunteers home.

THE 10 CCC VOLUNTEERS THAT STAYED SERVING 160 @ QCK ON 7/27. AWESOME!Can’t wait to see what happens this week, Aug. 24th.

Guest Speakers Rev. Dr. Daniel Meister and Rev. Richard Walker

Thank You!!

Thank you go to Rev. Dr. Daniel Meister and Rev. Richard Walker for stepping in and being our Worship Leaders while Pastor Troy was out of the
office. Thank you also to those Elders and others who stepped up for leadership in different ways.

Reach Out Lakota’s Back to School Program

What an abundance for our local community! Thank you, Compass Christian, for your generous donations! We supplied Reach Out Lakota’s Back to School Program with $1,240 worth of backpacks, school supplies, and funds! Backpack Ministry 2019 collected: 20 backpacks ($440 value) Supplies valued at $260 $540 monetary donations. Thank you!

Scott Stevens, with Reach Out Lakota, called and thanked us for our donation that in partnership with other Faith Alliance churches helped 500 kids!


On July 30th volunteers from CCC helped prepare and served dinner, made and passed out salads, desserts, washed pots, pans, dishes, packed leftovers for the guests to take home, and cleaned up in the kitchen, serving area, and dining room in order to provide for 192 deserving members of our community.

“THANKS” to Linda B, Mike, Jennifer, & Katie H, Pam H, Gerry W, Doris D, Annmarie & Matthew L, & Ed V.

Next, S F Dinner is Tuesday, October 29.

Hit and Run Repair

Thank You!! Thank you goes to Dave Diehl for replacing our mailbox after hit & run on Aug. 8.

Grounds Crew – Thank You!

Thank You!! Summer is coming to an end but the mowing hasn’t stopped. We want to thank all the volunteers for taking time out to mow the church
lawn and keep the mowers maintenance up. Great job and very much appreciated!!


Dave T.
Abbey S.
Troy S.
@ General
Assembly in
Des Moines,

Abbey S.

made of

Other News:

From our General Minister & President, Rev. Terri Hord Owens: August 2019

Dear Church –

My heart is still singing from the holy time we shared in Des Moines last month. The Spirit was present and real in worship. The discussions were
deep in the workshops. The joy was tangible at the meal events. Our programming for youth and young adults included education about the governance of the church, and we saw how important multi-generational worship is when we gather.

Many of those gathered spoke strongly for justice in the business sessions, at the candlelight vigil and the post-assembly rally. As the General Youth Council reminded us of their resolution, we must continue to invite one another to listen and discuss, even when we disagree. To walk together
in love even when we disagree is at the heart of being “Disciple”.

I am genuinely hopeful for the future of this Church. I saw signs of life and growth everywhere, of Disciples who are learning to abide whether that
means waiting with the expectation or tarrying a while in the Presence. While we spent some time celebrating our past, I also heard from many dedicated Disciples that we are a group whose time has come in this fragmented world. A look at the MissionFest projects made me both proud and
excited about the ministry that Disciples are engaged in across the US and Canada. To quote the Week of Compassion team, “Good work, Church!”

In partnership with the Disciples of Christ Historical Society, we celebrated the 50th Agreement, two documents which shaped our current manifestation as the church together. As many of us gathered to look forward in the “Design at 100” and “Second 50” workshops, I was encouraged by the presence of two of our former GMPS, Sharon Watkins and Dick Hamm, as they facilitated a conversation about what our church needs to look like in the next 50 years.

Disciples from across our church stood to speak truth into the room, naming both our challenges as well as our hopes. This kind of real talk must continue to be part of our work as we move forward together. The conversations revealed that we are not as afraid of change and that we are confident in God’s ability to empower us for ministry.

In the midst of the celebrations, we marked two very important occasions. One was the culmination of a major part of the 2020 Vision. Former General Minister and President Dick Hamm set the vision before us in the 1990s and he was there to announce the achievement of one of the goals of beginning more than 1,000 new faith communities. While not every start continued, we have more than 60 percent who did. But another effect of those planting operations was to work new church ministry into our DNA, to make the planting embedded in who we are today.

We were also blessed to affirm our full communion agreement with The United Church of Canada. We were already in partnership through
two of our Canadian congregations and our shared relationship with the United Church of Christ. This agreement closed the triangle to make all
three denominations stronger with a shared ministry. Not a merger, but a partnership, this agreement will be celebrated in October in

Disciples, while we are primed for growing into what the Lord has in mind for us – to become healing, helping force for good in this fragmented
world – we must make it a priority to be connected to the Vine, Jesus Christ, through the disciplines of prayer and Bible study. We must be
strengthened in our spiritual beings in order to bear the fruit that is only possible through Christ.

I invite you to do that work together, wherever you are, wherever you serve. We will be stronger as a church because of it. We must continue to abide,
to remain, to persist. I am looking forward to what we can accomplish before we meet again in Louisville, KY, in 2021. I am honored to be on this journey with you.

With God’s love,



The Disciples Voice – July and August Edition

Mission & Ministry



18 7:00 p.m. Cincinnati Civic Orchestra

19 10:30 a.m. Taste of Faiths @ Islamic Center of Cincinnati

20 9:00 a.m. Leadership Retreat We will gather onsite to set direction, train leaders, and plan the year ahead. Please hold our administrative and spiritual leaders in your prayers as they discern and plan our congregational life for this year and the next.

21 Guest Speaker ~ Rev. Dr. Daniel Meister

21 – Aug. 4 Troy out of Office Pastor Troy will be attending the General Assembly July 21 -24th. He will follow that with a family vacation and return to the office on August 5th. Please contact the office at 513.754.0777 or 513.218.0525 and Debbie O will contact the appropriate person to follow up on your request.

20-24 General Assembly Delegates; Our delegates are Dave T., Abbey S., and Rev. Dr. Troy Sy. Thank you for holding them in your
prayers as they travel to Iowa and vote on behalf of our congregation.

27 Queen City Kitchen 3 more volunteers are needed for July 27. Thanks to our Special volunteers Laura D. and Deborah T. who will be our QCK Shoppers. Please see Kurt Fr. to volunteer.

28 Guest Speaker ~ Rev. Dr. Daniel Meister

30 5:30 p.m. Stepping Forward The next chance for Compass Christian to be a part of this Faith Alliance ministry is coming soon. We will meet at Faith Community UMC on Cox Road at 5:30 PM and partner with Bethany UMC to prepare and serve dinner to the deserving members of our community.
With gifts we have received, let us pay it forward to our neighbors in need. We need 12 friendly, cheerful, smiling, able-bodied volunteers. See Ed V. to add your name to the sign-up list. You will be blessed and God will be glorified.


4 Guest Speaker ~ Rev. Richard Walker; First Sunday of the month Blood Pressure Checks Lacey S. will be in the pantry area to check
blood pressure. Drop on by!

6 7:00 p.m. Elders Meeting

7 7:00 p.m. First Friday Female Fellowship – See Alice W. for details on our next outing

25 Come hear about our LaFWA mission trip during service


Helping Hands Outreach

Sunday School begins in September It’s not too early to consider being a teacher for any age! We can find a place for you whether you can volunteer for a month, once a month, or all year! consider being a Greeter or Storyteller for Worship and Wonder, too!

Current Project – Reach Out Lakota’s Back to School Program

It’s that time again…back-to-school shopping for 2019 Reach Out Lakota Back to School Program!

Find your sponsor card from the poster located at the church. Shop at the school sales in the area and return your donation to church no later than Sunday, July 28th. All donations should be new supplies and will be picked up Monday, July 29th 9:45-10:30 am.


Should you wish to contribute cash instead, please give your donation to Sarah Fe. This year the Reach Out Lakota organization simplifies the cards to better reflect the total cost to you. Therefore should you wish to donate a backpack, please pick up a $20 or $40 value card. You are always welcome to send additional supplies such as tissues and cleanser wipes.

Let’s make this a great year! Happy shopping! Places who have started their sales are Meijer, JC Penny, Target, Walmart, Dick’s, Finish Line, Old Navy, Staples, etc.

Eagle Scout Project

A Chance to Help If you have old instruments who need a home, bring to church and Andrew and Annmarie will make sure they get to Aaron
for his project.
Thank You!

A Letter from Interfaith Hospitality Network of Warren County 

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Interfaith Hospitality Network of Warren County, I want to thank you for your help during this past week.
Without the support of churches such as you, we would not be able to serve the people of our community who are in need and without a home.
Your generous support has touched many lives. The families that have stayed with you this past month speak well of their experiences. Each and
every person has their own unique story, and I’m sure they’ll never forget the hospitality you provided. More importantly, you have touched the hearts and lives of the children in a way that they will always remember.

Since our inception in October 1998 Interfaith has assisted more than 602 families in finding affordable housing, employment, and daycare. Our families come to us without homes of hope. When the family leaves, they have found housing, employment, education, and daycare. Mostly they have found the love of God through your time and kindness. Again, many thanks for your commitment and continued support of Interfaith Hospitality Network of Warren County. Linda Rabolt, Executive Director

Youth Corner

Camp Christian

  • For Ribbit campers Asher B., Matthew F., & camper Zach B.
  • For CYF campers Lora Br. & Carvens R., Rho camper Camryn Br.

Camps will be coming to a close in mid-August for week-long camps. Camp Christian does not completely close down for the year. You can join
them for the Disciples Fellowship Retreat on Labor day weekend and more. Yes, the mortgage is paid off but basic upkeep and programs still have needs.

For many ways to donate please check out

Vacation Bible School

It was a great week of fun. VBS staff conquered power outage, technical difficulties and encouraged 40 + youth on Faith, Kindness, Thankfulness, and Hope.

For the generosity of VBS Children & Families raising $360.33 supporting Haitians via Global Ministries, Matthew 25 items incl. 40 quilts, placemats & singing @ Chesterwood!

Crestview Church of God in Germantown gave a gift toward Global Ministries for the donation of our stage set and props to their week of “Mars and Beyond.”

Our To Mars and Beyond was a BIG success! We had 45 children registered and 28 volunteers spend 4 days learning how they can “Go Beyond” with their faith, with kindness, with thankfulness, and with hope! We went beyond in our Mission work, too, by collecting donations to Matthew 25  Ministries, making placemats and taking them to Chesterwood Village, and collecting change for Disciples Global Ministries in Haiti. Our decorations were out-of-this-world!

We thank all of our volunteers! We also thank everyone who participated in the rocket and robot contest!

Our VBS continues to go beyond – Our decorations were donated to another church in Georgetown!

Congratulations to
our High School

Way to Go Devon!

Good luck as you enter the next phase of life!




Membership News

Eagle Scout Project 

Awesome! The fence is completed and mulch is laid. Thank you Andrew L. and his Troop for all their hard work along with the many volunteers from CCC.


Member in the News

Fairfield considers lifting 13-year-old pitbull ban

Fairfield, for now, is the only Butler County community that bans pit bulls. City Council is expected to consider later this summer or in early fall a series of revisions concerning animals in the city, including possibly eliminating the 13-year-old ban on pit bulls and requiring all dog owners to carry at least $10,000 in liability insurance. “This is something we’ve been talking about for a long time, and there’s been a great deal of interest within the community regarding our animal control ordinances,” said City Manager Mark Wendling. City leaders have worked on updating the ordinances for the past few months, he said. “We really looked at overhauling a lot of the way we do things, and a lot of the ways things are controlled,” Wendling said. Besides proposing to eliminate the pit bull ban, the city’s animal ordinances overhaul includes strengthening penalties on dogs running at large, defining nuisance, dangerous and vicious dogs, and strengthening penalties against pet owners if a dog bites another dog or a person.

We looked at the state legislature and the city’s ordinances to identify inconsistencies, with the idea that we wanted to have our ordinances follow in line with state code,” said Fairfield city attorney Steve Wolterman. “We wanted to have as strong as possible requirements, penalties, and conditions related to owning dogs that might be a nuisance, dangerous or vicious dog.”

…. The city’s process included input from the Humane Society of the United States. Wolterman has been provided sample legislation from Kurt Freimuth, a district leader volunteer with the Humane Society. “One of the big things here that I wanted to do, or that I strongly suggested we do is move the responsibility from the animal to the owner,” he said. “I think if you look at the changes, we effectively have done that.” One of the new proposed codes is a “strict liability” provision, which means the fault of the dog owner would be presumed.

“What that means if a nuisance, dangerous or vicious dog were to attack someone or injure someone, that person would not have to prove the liability of the owner of it in trial or a civil claim,” Wolterman said. “It would be just about the damages element of the claim.” From Journal News
Please see this link for the whole article

Church Work Day was Sat., June 29th

Thank you goes to all who came out and volunteered that day. Volunteers were removing brush, roof patching, mulching, sidewalk clean up, repair and paint ramps, weeding and more. Thank you for stewarding the resources of the campus God has entrusted to us for sharing that love.

Final Thoughts – Waypoints

I pray that you may have the power to comprehend…the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, so that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:18-19

Since our last issue, we shared our “Becoming Who We Are” sermon series. Insights and questions were solicited for discussion about what being open-minded, open-hearted, and open-tabled means for us as a church. Here they are:


*In reference to religious dogmas (settled doctrinal truths), some would say there’s no room for open-mindedness as it’s a settled matter.

*God can, and has, changed His mind. When He does, it’s because of mercy.

*Give opinions much love and understanding; listen and learn.

*We can learn more about our faith by practicing it open-mindedly.

*“In Christ is hidden all wisdom and knowledge.” Therefore we need to know Him to become wiser and more open-minded.

*I hope that open-mindedness includes equality (not a hierarchy!) between “clergy” and “laity.” We are church together.

*Disagreement does not constitute closed-mindedness. An open mind can find more than one conclusion. With open-mindedness comes the freedom to accept differences. Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Matters of faith (unity) vs. matters of opinion (diversity). Different ideas are not wrong. They make you think.

*Despite our 3 historic divisions [Church of Christ, Christian Church, and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)], the table is there as part of worship.

*Hospitality is a mark of discipleship—this was new to me.

*There are blatant examples throughout church history of people putting restrictions on Jesus’ teachings on who can come to the table. Our Luke 14:16-23 parable of the great dinner argues for a broad welcome of known and unknown, good and bad.


*Why is this threatening to some?

*Is God testing us to be open-minded & inclusive?

*What are the Living Oracles?

*Why does the DOC not have a larger place in the Christian community? We should be a larger player.

*What are the essentials? How do we determine what they are? I think the distinction between “essentials” which require unity and “opinion” which has room for liberty is critical to having an open mind. The smaller the “essential” set is, the more open-minded we can be by giving others liberty.

*Why historically do people get caught up in trivial issues (circumcision vs. non-circumcision, sprinkling vs. immersion baptism)?


*Open hearts and open minds should not accuse, should they?

*What about infant baptism vs. believer’s baptism?

*Why are Disciples of Christ more comfortable with Campbell than Stone?

*Why does the human brain prefer judgment over love? How do we achieve a balance of open hearts and open minds? Why split the two most important parts of being human?

*What actions as a congregation can we take to open doors to welcome others? How do we behave differently now as a congregation in light of this insight into our roots?

*How do we “make visible the unity of all Christians?” This seems to go beyond the table; can’t think of any other answer but love! Matthew 5:44 says to “love your enemies.”

*Why do other Protestant churches not have weekly communion?

*We invite all to the table, no matter if they believe, or do we still say they need to believe in Jesus to be allowed. (Is this really an open table?) We say, “All those who believe Jesus is our Lord & Savior are welcome to come and partake.” Or don’t we say this anymore? If you are unchurched do you have to truly believe in Jesus before you are welcome to the table? Can’t you be an
unbeliever/seeker who learns about Scripture? Is a profession of faith necessary before coming to the table? “All who trust Jesus are welcome to the table”—what does that mean? What comes

*What do we need to be doing in order to grow?


The initial answers to these questions may be found at the back
table. These three sermons have been to create a framework for an
ongoing conversation, undergirding our work of answering some
key questions for our church moving forward: What actions/
different behaviors can we take as a congregation to become
more open-minded, open-hearted, and open-tabled? If you’d
like to be part of this continuing dialogue, discovery, and
discernment, please let moderator Steve Seitz know.

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