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May 24

“Christ Our Peace” (Ephesians 2: 11-22) Sunday, May 24, 2020

@Copyrighted by Rev. Dr. Troy Sybrant Sermon: “Christ Our Peace” (Ephesians 2: 11-22) Sunday, May 24, 2020 Click HERE to view the Sermon Slides and Scripture “Christ Our Peace”  Click HERE if you do NOT see the attached YouTube video

February 25

“Helacious Hospitality” (Luke 16:19-31; Matthew 10:40-42) Sunday Feb. 25, 2018

Lenten Candle Extinguishing: (1 un-lit, 5 purple & Christ candle lit)   L1:       Today is the second Sunday in Lent. We remember Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem. Each week the Light of the World diminishes.   L2:       Every year Joseph, Mary, and Jesus travel to Jerusalem for the Passover festival. After the festival, his […]

August 13

“Living Humbly and Generously” (Mark 12:38-44) Sunday August 13, 2017

Call to Worship    L:         God dwells in the high and holy place.   P:         Yet God is also found with the contrite and humble in heart.   L:         Highest heaven cannot contain the Lord.   P:         Yet the fullness of God was found in the person of Jesus.   U:        Come, Holy Spirit, and […]

January 25

The Wait is Over Luke 4:14-21 Sunday Jan. 25 2015

@Copyrighted by Rev. Richard Walker Sermon: The Wait is Over Luke 4:14-21 Sunday January 25, 2015 The Wait is Over Leader: The decrees of the LORD are sure, making wise the simple; All: The precepts of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart; Leader: The commandment of the LORD is clear, enlightening the eyes; All: […]

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