Testimonials – Mairi H.

I had unpleasant experiences with Religion growing up. When I was out on my own I rejected going to worship and religion for about 20 years.

One day, long after it was released, I saw “The Last Temptation of Christ” which was a controversial film. I identified with the human nature of Christ. It left a mark on me, and was the reason I was able to separate religious institutions from faith.

Still years passed, I made a lot of what I would call bad choices. One day I decided to join a UU (Unitarian Universalist) service. I experienced for the first time the friendliness of a congregation and the joy of worshiping together. I was able to question and discuss theology without judgment. Eventually I missed the biblical discussions and my friend invited me to TRCC (Tylersville Road Christian Church), now renamed to Compass Christian Church.

Before I attended I asked – do I have to be re-baptized (no), do I have to join immediately (no), was ALL and I mean everyone welcome to share weekly communion (yes), did I have to pay anything or a set amount (no), and finally do people discuss freely issues and biblical scripture (yes–Disciples of Christ has a saying ‘agree to disagree, agreeably’).

So I went. My first time I joined a small group study. I learned a lot, we had a wonderful discussion about how the biblical scripture related to past culture and our current lives. The people were so welcoming and friendly. The sermon was also so thought provoking. And the music was varied and wonderful. I especially liked that women and kiddos could participate in major roles.

I have been there for many years now. I have officially joined the church. I have grown so much spiritually, and been able to help in my own small ways. I was thinking this year that I truly look forward to going on Sundays.

My journey has not been a straight line, but a meandering path – and that is perfectly OK with the Disciples of Christ. Wherever I journey next I have a renewed sense of God walking with me, listening to my prayers, and will always try to find a Disciples of Christ church.